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Fragment Gallery

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Pharaoh Amenhotep I. Egypt
Minoan art. Crete. Prince of the Lilies
Meteorolites and meteorites
Pergamon Altar. Hecate fighting against the giant Klytios ne
Skull of Neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis)
The Murchison CM2 carbonaceous chondrite
Ford on the River Lea
Fragment from the Nibelungenhandschrift
Old Chinese Manuscript
Ancient Roman shoes and sandals
Parthenon. Part of the central section of the east frieze. B
Relief depicting a butchering scene. Egypt
Minoan Art. La Parisienne or the Minoan Lady
Pergamon Altar. Goddess Rhea or Cybele riding on a lion next
The Rosetta Stone
Fragment of the Column of Marcus Aurelius, Rome, Italy
Greek warrior. Hellenistic. 1st century BC. From Rhodes. Bri
Parthenon. East side. 447-432BC. Greek Classical period. God
Bust of Roman emperor Constantine the Great (c.272-337). Rom
King Seti I in front of the God Osiris. Fragment of a pillar
Pergamon Altar. The Titan Phoebe with a torch fighting again
Spain. Catalonia. Balaguer. Islamic Art. Fragment of plaster
The Rosetta Stone. Hieroglyphic scripture
The Rosetta Stone. Demotic scripture
Mycenaean art. Greece. Fragments of pottery. Painting style
Leda and Swan, fragment of sculpture from Anhas
Codex Granatensis: Tacuinum Sanitatis. 1400. Folio
Raphael (1483-1520). Angel. 1500-1501. Fragment
Codex granatensis, c. 1400. Tacuinum sanitatis. Persimmon
Paris, France - Notre-Dame and Archbishops Palace
Fragment of a banner of miners from Tyrol, 15th century
German fashion of the late 15th century
The apotheosis of Emperor Germanicus
Etruscan minor triumphal parade
Fragment of London Wall with battlements, 1793
The wedding of King Massinissa of Numidia
Musical concert with poetess, lyre and tibia players
Fragments of Zeppelin, 1916
Cow Goddess Hathor nursing Pharaoh Horemheb
Wallpaper fragments
Wallpaper border fragments
Wallpaper fragment
Fragments of wallpaper border
Fragment of a Krater. Italy 30-20 BC. Marble. Artemis
Pre-Columbian art.Pre-Incan. Chimu culture (1100-1470). Coas
A view of fragment of burial urns, Ballyrainey, Comber
A view of a fragment of pottery
Ancient Sundial, Mahee Island

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