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Footman Gallery

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Exhausted Footman
Amorous Footman
Red-line quaker, clouded buff and flounced chestnut
Antler moth, Lygephila lusoria and feathered footman
Edwardian gentleman 1902
Old London Characters - Footmen with Lights
Alice in Wonderland, frog and fish footmen
Sais courant or carriage footman, Egypt
Young English gentleman leaving his family to go
Nurse showing a baby to an old man and woman
Huntsman losing control of his horse during a foxhunt
English aristocrat in a carriage ignoring a handshake
English huntswoman jumping sidesaddle over a fence
Facey Romford hands his candle to a footman
The maids laughing at a gardener dressed up in new
English huntsman fording a river with fox hounds
Red-necked footman, four-spotted footman and buff footman
Miller moth and cinnabar moth
Rosy footman and short-cloaked moth
Hebrew character, black-spot chestnut, small quaker
Speckled footman, Staurophora celsia and herald moth
Muslin footman and oak eggar moths
Pebble prominent and iron prominent
Chocolate-tip moths
Footmen with torches, London
Lichen moths and scarce footman
Wart biter locust, moths and beetle
Gnomes and Humans
Cartoon, Dignity and Impudence or The Domestics Derision
The Kind Old Fairy Godmother on a Christmas card
Jumbles by Lewis Baumer - The Long Moustache
Footman at a feast, the Imperial Court, Berlin, Germany
Curtis British Entomology Plate 631
Curtis British Entomology Plate 400
Curtis British Entomology Plate 169
Curtis British Entomology Plate 56
Curtis British Entomology Plate 36
Pomp and Circumstance by Charles Robinson
Kensitas advertisement, 1929
Pig and monkeys in a park on a postcard
Our Boys Clothing Company, footman and page suit
Cartoon, Exchange No Robbery
Disraeli / Tory Programme
Dandies / Lord Petersham
Eight children dancing a quadrille
Preparations for the Lord Mayors Show, 1894, Paul Renouard
Our Superior Inferiors - an upper class lady charity worker
Dewars Whisky advertisement

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