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Flaring Collection

Background imageFlaring Collection: Covent Garden 1870

Covent Garden 1870
COVENT GARDEN : a breakfast stall for the market porters and merchants - pies and oysters, coffee enjoyed beneath the flaring oil torches Date: 1870

Background imageFlaring Collection: Open Robe 1908

Open Robe 1908
The S-Bend silhouette in the year when the new straighter line was introduced. An open robe: flaring, swirling skirt, embroidery, volan trimmed sleeves & lace. Date: 1908

Background imageFlaring Collection: Lilac Tunic Dress 1914

Lilac Tunic Dress 1914
Brimless hat with feathers, mink scarf & muff, tunic dress & jacket with flaring skirt, short cape & collar, split tunic & military trim. Girl: gaiters & D-B coat with capes Date: 1914

Background imageFlaring Collection: Green Dress 1899

Green Dress 1899
Dark green princess style dress trimmed in white with shoulder puffs, wrap over bodice & gored skirt tight over the hips & flaring from below the knee. Date: 1899

Background imageFlaring Collection: Brown Tailor Made 1899

Brown Tailor Made 1899
Brown tailor-made with open jacket bodice secured with crossed bands & buttons, tight sleeves with flared cuff, tight skirt flaring from the knee & swansdown ruff. Date: 1899

Background imageFlaring Collection: Cov. Garden Breakfast

Cov. Garden Breakfast
At Covent Garden, a breakfast stall for the market porters and merchants - pies and oysters, coffee enjoyed beneath the flaring oil torches. Date: 1870

Background imageFlaring Collection: Autumn Dress 1899

Autumn Dress 1899
Grey & black dress: open bodice, embroidered revers with short cape, gored skirt with pleated panels contained to the knee with cords & buttons & flaring out below. 1899

Background imageFlaring Collection: Helmet Hats 1929

Helmet Hats 1929
A black helmet shaped hat with irregular brim, a green and black turban and a green hat fitting close to the head and with a flaring brim at the back. Date: 1929

Background imageFlaring Collection: 1926 Fashion

1926 Fashion
Latest trends from Paris in the spring of 1926. Here, the women are wearing a Flaring Skirt, Smoking Suit, Straight Suit and Picture Frock

Background imageFlaring Collection: Resort / Casino Dress 1899

Resort / Casino Dress 1899
Pleated & gauged bodice, lace yoke, skirt tight over the hips & flaring from the knee & trimmed with 3 rows of lace. Straw hat trimmed with flowers & accordian pleated chiffon

Background imageFlaring Collection: 1930S Ermine Coat

1930S Ermine Coat
An unusual, yet typically 1930s coat with wide sleeve tops & flaring skirt in ermine. The diagonal cut gives added interest. This is apparently a summer coat!

Background imageFlaring Collection: Miss Gilman / Costume 1905

Miss Gilman / Costume 1905
Mabelle Gilman wears a lace trimmed high-necked gown with a pouched bodice, bell shaped flaring skirt, a fur- trimmed hat with a cocked brim & a fur muff & stole

Background imageFlaring Collection: Costume Sears Roebuck

Costume Sears Roebuck
Dress with pleated Russian tunic, low sash & gathered bodice; or flaring Russian tunic with yoke, narrow under- skirt & a hanging waist coatee bodice. Hats: brimless

Background imageFlaring Collection: Evening Dress / Patou

Evening Dress / Patou
Design by August Abernard: flaring gored floral print skirt, draped V neckline & plunging V back, worn with a long light weight scarf that drapes seductively

Background imageFlaring Collection: Imperia / Dress by Worth

Imperia / Dress by Worth
Design by Worth: white fur coat with thick collar, sleeveless gown with tapering straps, flaring skirt with brown fur hem & a vandyked motif in gold

Background imageFlaring Collection: Molyneux Dresses 1930

Molyneux Dresses 1930
Two dress designs by Molyneux both with gored flaring skirts, belts & matching sac jackets. One has chevron panels or inserts which add interest to the skirt

Background imageFlaring Collection: Costume by Lelong 1930

Costume by Lelong 1930
Lucien Lelong grey-blue coat with geometric panels, flaring hem & deep cuffs & collar trimmed with astrakan fur. A small skull fitting cap covers the hair

Background imageFlaring Collection: Golfing Clothes 1912

Golfing Clothes 1912
Men: plus fours, flat cap, monocle, single-breasted suit, spats & turn-ups to the trousers. Women: tailor-made costumes with short flaring skirts & belted jackets

Background imageFlaring Collection: Social / Danish Women 1913

Social / Danish Women 1913
A striped tailored costume with a slightly flaring skirt contained at the knee by a buttoned strap & a waisted jacket with turned-back cuffs, button detail & broad lapels

Background imageFlaring Collection: Afternoon Dress 1914

Afternoon Dress 1914
Tunic dress with Dolman (Batwing) sleeves, ruffle stand collar, open tunic flaring from a yoke, tubular skirt & belt with a rose clasp

Background imageFlaring Collection: Fur Accessories 1915

Fur Accessories 1915
Stylish tunic dresses: either a narrow tubular under-skirt & flaring tunic or slightly flared skirt with assymetrical tunic worn with fur stoles, flat muffs, Louis heel boots

Background imageFlaring Collection: Mole & Chamois Skin Coat

Mole & Chamois Skin Coat
3/4 length coat narrow in the bodice & then flaring from the hip composed of triangular sections of moleskin & chamois leather with a hood, deep fold back cuffs, belt & fur beret

Background imageFlaring Collection: Silk Gown with Flowers

Silk Gown with Flowers
A sleeveless gown in cherry red silk with pleated bodice attached to a wide waistband & a full flaring skirt. Ornamented with large artifical flowers

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