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Firing Gallery

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HMS Victory, Flags and Nelson Quote
New British Sten gun by G. H. Davis
HMS Duke of York firing a broadside; Second World War
Easter Rising 1916
British gunners, Battle of the Somme, WW1
The Last Shot by Matania
H H Sheikh of Kuwait Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
The Battle of the Balloons
British battleships
Riot at Mold in Flintshire
Fountain and statue of Diana - Mexico City
A British heavy howitzer in action on the Western Front against an opposing German position
Guns for American Boys
Short Rifle Diagram 1915
Battle of Cape Matapan
William Thompsons fight off Poole, Dorset, 30 May 1695
A Sixty-Five Pounder Opening Fire, by James McBey, WW1
HMS Good Hope in Great War Deeds, WW1
Young Native American Indian boy learning to shoot his bow
British troops WWII
British battleship firing its guns
Boer soldiers firing, Second Boer War, South Africa
Lance-Corporal Jarvis in Great War Deeds, WW1
Our Little Contemptibles, WW1
Canadian gunners, Battle of Vimy Ridge, France, WW1
Northern Ireland - three British soldiers in riot equipment
Tommy Guardsman in full war-paint 1914
Motorcycle Machine Gun Unit firing at aircraft, WW1
Frog celebrating the arrival of 1907 by firing a cannon
The Battle of Pacocha; Action between HMS Shah and Ameth
Soldier of the British First Airborne in action in Arnhem; S
Magazine cover, Automobilia and Flight
Mural in Pickering Church - Martyrdom of St Edmund
Sharp shooters, Sea Girt, New Jersey, USA
Launching of V2 rocket bombs by G. H. Davis
Belgian Artillery Battery in action - WWI
German gunners with heavy artillery, France, WW1
Second Battle of Bullecourt 1917
Battery firing at Japanese positions - Burma
Turkish Troops - Gallipoli
American Anti-Aircraft Guns near London; Second World War, 1
Firing Ship Guns
Walker at Trujillo
Paixhans Cannon
WW2 - German Commando executed by American Military Police
Dogs as Riffians during Melillan Campaign
Russian soldiers attending open air service, WW1
Crossbow-man (right), pavisier (man firing from behind an oblong shield or pavise

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