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Figures Gallery

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British Military Poster - Inter-war period
Rasputin Caricature
World War One Combatants - Map of Europe
Bust of goddess Tanit. Carthaginian art. Sculpture
Landscape painting by Claude Lorrain
Wallingford Screen, St Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire
Raphael (1483-1520). The Sistine Madonna. 1512-1517
St Rosa De Lima
Cover design, Exposition de Locomotion Aerienne
Tour De France Cutout
George Hackenschmidt
Leech Cartoon Dinosaurs
Journal / Giant Alien
Zeus Meilichios depicted as a snake and a family of supplica
Ghost on the Tulip Staircase of the Queens House
The Queens House Ghost on the Tulip Staircase. In 1966
Statue of Djoser. Egyptian art
Meeting at the Guildhall on Behalf of the Jews in Russia, 18
Woodcarvers Shop - Woolmer Green, Hertfordshire
The Garden Model Village - Woodcarvers Shop - Woolmer Green
Diana, Marjorie and Violet Manners
Etruscan warrior. 4th c. BC. Etruscan art. Sculpture
Stela of the royal scribe Ani. Egyptian art. New
Gallo-Roman low-relief. Ferrying wine barrels
Ares and Aphrodite. Greek art
Advertisement, Levi Strauss copper riveted overalls
Guan Yin. 10th c. - 13th c. Bodhisattva of compassion
A Cannibal Feast, Charles E Gordon Frazer
Underwear for 1962 drawn by Barbara Hulanicki
Melancholy and raving madness, Bedlam Hospital
Major Metcalfe, Mrs F. Cripps, and Lady Alexandra Metcalfe
Love and Beauty by Ernest Procter
HENRY the Navigator (1394-1460). Portuguese prince
Women war workers by the sculptor Clare Sheridan
Advert for Bensons luminous wrist watch 1915
A problem of income - couple trying to balance the books
Roman legionary. Sculpture. ITALY. Rome. Museum
Terracotta figures, Lalji Temple, Kalna, West Bengal, India
Shoreditch Cottage Homes, Hornchurch, Essex
Genealogy of Jesus
Dinosaurs / Noahs Ark
Giza. Great Sphinx and. Great Pyramid of Giza
Acrobat. Minoian art
Chinese Puppet Theatre
Switzerland - Grindelwald. On the Eismeer
WILLIAMS, Roger (1603 - 1684). Theologian. Reformation
Fairyland Fancies
Sarah Margaret Fuller

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