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Background imageEnabled Collection: Moses Hands Held Up

Moses Hands Held Up
The Israelites are enabled to defeat the Amalekites because Moses arms are held up by Aaron and Hur; if he had let them fall, the Israelites would have lost the day

Background imageEnabled Collection: Whitneys Cotton Gin

Whitneys Cotton Gin
WHITNEYs GIN Eli Whitneys gin of 1793 enabled separation of cotton fibre from its seeds to be done mechanically : this is a modified version in use

Background imageEnabled Collection: Between Decks on an Emigrant Ship, 1850

Between Decks on an Emigrant Ship, 1850
Engraving showing distressed needlewomen below decks on an emigrant ship, with their belongings, making themselves confortable before the voyage begins

Background imageEnabled Collection: Early TV Remote Control

Early TV Remote Control
An early remote control, or an Armchair Programme Control. Manufactured by Ferranti, this device came with 15 feet of cord which enabled the TV to be operated from a distance

Background imageEnabled Collection: Electric Fire Engine

Electric Fire Engine
Merryweathers electrically propelled fire-engine, which enabled 12 men to travel on the vehicle

Background imageEnabled Collection: BATTLE OF JEMAPPES The French under Dumouriez defeat the Austrians led by the Archduke

BATTLE OF JEMAPPES The French under Dumouriez defeat the Austrians led by the Archduke Albrecht, and are enabled to advance into the Netherlands Date: 6 November 1792

Background imageEnabled Collection: THE GLAZING WAGON 1851

Paxton had to be not only architect but engineer : this glazing wagon enabled the builders to position the glass panels of the roof in an assembly-line process. Date: 1851

Background imageEnabled Collection: Peruvian Quipo

Peruvian Quipo
Quipos - coloured cords, with knots at appropriate points, enabled the ancient Peruvians and Mexicans to communicate in a non-verbal manner

Background imageEnabled Collection: WM TWEED

WILLIAM MARCY TWEED known as BOSS TWEED American politician and swindler: the cartoon which enabled the Spanish police to identify and arrest him

Background imageEnabled Collection: Scouts with their Model T Ford

Scouts with their Model T Ford
Two boy scouts of Troop 176 of Leavenworth, Kansas loading their Model T Ford with scrap metal. The car hauled much salvage material and enabled the Troop to buy War Bonds. circa 1940s

Background imageEnabled Collection: Colour transparencies being viewed on a lightbox book

Colour transparencies being viewed on a lightbox book
A colour photograph album invented by M. P Duchenne. In 1910, technology had not enabled colour images to be printed on paper, only as glass plates

Background imageEnabled Collection: An automatic milkman

An automatic milkman
Photograph from 1909 showing a penny-in-the-slot milk-machine. The machine enabled shop owners to close at reasonable hours, and for customers to buy milk at any hour of the day or night

Background imageEnabled Collection: The Municipal Corporations Jubilee Banquet at the Freemason

The Municipal Corporations Jubilee Banquet at the Freemason
Banquet held in 1885 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Municipal Corporations Act of 1835. The Act, following on from the Reform Act of 1832 enabled 148 listed boroughs to establish a Town

Background imageEnabled Collection: X-ray protection cabinet

X-ray protection cabinet
A photograph of an x-ray in progress where the doctor is protected by a lead lined cabinet. An invention by MM. Radiguet and Massiot

Background imageEnabled Collection: A Calculating machine

A Calculating machine
The control panel of the automatic sequence-controlled calculating machine at Manchester University; showing the monitor cathode-ray tube with Dr. T. Kilburn (left) and Professor F. C

Background imageEnabled Collection: New landing stage at Liverpool

New landing stage at Liverpool
A new landing stage, being towed to her moorings by seven steamers. The landing stage enabled passengers to embark easily at St. Georges Pier, Liverpool

Background imageEnabled Collection: Curiosities and ingenuities from the Patent Office; An arran

Curiosities and ingenuities from the Patent Office; An arran
Illustration representing an idea for a piece of machinery that enabled a dog or cat to drive a small machine

Background imageEnabled Collection: The Riley Amphibian Floatercar

The Riley Amphibian Floatercar
Two photographs showing the Riley amphibian floatercar, designed to cross rivers and swamps in Africa, bearing British samples and salesmen

Background imageEnabled Collection: Pyne - Bill Sticker

Pyne - Bill Sticker
BILL STICKER - One of the innumerable advantages of printing is the being enabled to advertise the public of such things as are essential to be known - and others

Background imageEnabled Collection: Boer War Camp Scene

Boer War Camp Scene
British camp scene during the Boer War where, according to private Ward of the Frontier Mounted Police, Borwicks Baking Powder enabled them to enjoy excellent bread

Background imageEnabled Collection: Whitneys Gin

Whitneys Gin
WHITNEYs COTTON GIN which enabled cotton fibre to be separated from the seeds mechanically

Background imageEnabled Collection: Cartwrights Loom

Cartwrights Loom
CARTWRIGHTs POWER LOOM Edmund Cartwrights steam- powered loom of 1785 enabled weaving to be carried out at vastly greater speed

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