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Dubious Collection

Background imageDubious Collection: The Satanic Bible

The Satanic Bible
Popular edition of self- anointed High Priest Anton Laveys Satanic Bible, a dubious mish-mash of occult rituals, pseudo-magic and popular diabolism

Background imageDubious Collection: REMINGTON, Frederic (1861-1909). The Conversation

REMINGTON, Frederic (1861-1909). The Conversation, or Dubious Company. 1900. Realism. Oil on canvas. Private Collection

Background imageDubious Collection: POSTCARD WITH TANK

The purveyors of romantic postcards were quick to pick up the theme of the tank, though the juxtaposition of love and death may seem in somewhat dubious taste Date: circa 1917

Background imageDubious Collection: Memorial to the 49th - West Riding - Division, Essex Farm

Memorial to the 49th - West Riding - Division, Essex Farm
The 49th, a territorial division, came out early in 1915. It had the dubious distinction of being, together with the 6th Division, one of the first to face a phosgene attack

Background imageDubious Collection: Greater adjutant, Leptoptilos dubious. Endangered

Greater adjutant, Leptoptilos dubious. Endangered. (Gigantic crane, Ardea argala.) Handcoloured copperplate drawn and engraved by John Latham from his own A General History of Birds, Winchester, 1824

Background imageDubious Collection: Stephen Dugdale, Informe

Stephen Dugdale, Informe
STEPHEN DUGDALE - Informer during the Popish Plot, claiming knowledge of a Catholic conspiracy but providing dubious and inconsistent testimony. Date: 1640 - 1683

Background imageDubious Collection: The Chicago Tinned Meat Scandal

The Chicago Tinned Meat Scandal
Delicacies weighed and packed in Armours Packing-House in Chicago, showing some dubious by-products of a Chicago meat processing factory used for making cheap sausages

Background imageDubious Collection: Margery Crandon 6

Margery Crandon 6
Comparison of the thumbprint of Walter, control of American medium Margery, with that of a living Boston dentist - one of the dubious items which aroused suspicions of tricks

Background imageDubious Collection: Blackburn Skua diving with brakes extended The Skua nev

Blackburn Skua diving with brakes extended The Skua never quite lived up to its early promise, being replaced by the equally dubious Fairey Barracuda

Background imageDubious Collection: Cartoon, Critics from Shadowland, WW1

Cartoon, Critics from Shadowland, WW1
Cartoon, Critics from Shadowland, showing Kaiser Wilhelm I, Helmut von Moltke and Count Otto von Bismarck, as they appeared during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1

Background imageDubious Collection: Catherine LA Voisin

Catherine LA Voisin
CATHERINE DESHAYES, veuve Monvoisin, known as LA VOISIN French adventuress who was burnt at the stake for her part in the Chambre Ardente affair involvig dubious magic

Background imageDubious Collection: Quack Doctors, Paris

Quack Doctors, Paris
Two mountebanks promote their dubious potions on Quai de L Ecole, Paris Date: late 18th century

Background imageDubious Collection: Cartoon, A shady deal, WW1

Cartoon, A shady deal, WW1
Cartoon, a German suggests a shady deal involving the import of German goods to France, perhaps for the purposes of spying. Date: 1916

Background imageDubious Collection: Cartoon, Dreams of the future, WW1

Cartoon, Dreams of the future, WW1
Cartoon, Dreams of the future. A German shopkeeper chats to some little boys what they will do after the war. Fritz will open a shop from which he will sell German products

Background imageDubious Collection: The Future, Republicanism in France

The Future, Republicanism in France
The Future, Republican, Friend of the People -- satirical print showing a smartly dressed man wearing a top hat and cockade, with the Pantheon in the background. 1831

Background imageDubious Collection: Will It Bite? by Muriel Dawson

Will It Bite? by Muriel Dawson -- a little girls puppy looks dubiously at a snail. Date: 1941

Background imageDubious Collection: Peter R Sweeney

Peter R Sweeney
PETER BARR SWEENEY American politician of dubious repute, considered the guiding intelligence of the Tweed ring in New York city in the 1860s. Date: 1825 - 1911

Background imageDubious Collection: General Charles Lee

General Charles Lee
CHARLES LEE - English-born officer in the Continental Army of the American revolution, whose dubious conduct led to dismissal. Date: 1731 - 1782

Background imageDubious Collection: Happy Divorcee

Happy Divorcee
Amoureuse - shes worried Fiancee - shes hopeful Mariee - shes dubious Divorcee - shes happy !

Background imageDubious Collection: Street Pedlar 1930S

Street Pedlar 1930S
Passers-by look dubious, as a street pedlar tries to sell his wares from a suitcase

Background imageDubious Collection: London / Whitechapel / Dore

London / Whitechapel / Dore
Three dubious characters meet in a dark and mysterious Whitechapel passage

Background imageDubious Collection: Household / Appliances

Household / Appliances
A Swedish housewife brings her kettle to the coppersmith for repairs but he is dubious about his chances of making a success of the job

Background imageDubious Collection: Pampered Pets

Pampered Pets
Pampered pets : the fin-de- siecle woman is accused of devoting herself to her dog, to the neglect of her children who are entrusted to the dubious care of nursemaids

Background imageDubious Collection: Shady Lady at the Sea

Shady Lady at the Sea
A pretty, unchaperoned lady takes the air, ensuring her complexion doesn t suffer by employing a small parasol. Alas She has caught the attention of two dubious males

Background imageDubious Collection: TANCRED

TANCRED Crusader, son of Otho the Good, hero of many legendary exploits : here depicted coping with some dubious ladies in the Enchanted Forest

Background imageDubious Collection: London Gamblers / Dore

London Gamblers / Dore
Men and women of dubious character watch a card game in a dimly lit interior

Background imageDubious Collection: Czech Lady in Russia

Czech Lady in Russia
When a Czech aviator is forced to land in the Russian Carpathians she gets a dubious welcome from local peasants who, she discovers, have never seen an aeroplane before

Background imageDubious Collection: Man propositions a woman on the street

Man propositions a woman on the street
He: May I protect you from the sun, senorita She (to herself): Is it me or my watch hes after Date: 1878

Background imageDubious Collection: Where are you Going (Wc)

Where are you Going (Wc)
Where are you going to, my pretty maid ? - she is accosted by a very dubious looking gent

Background imageDubious Collection: Aristocratic Directors

Aristocratic Directors
The fox and the guinea-pigs - aristocratic directors lend their names to dubious companies in return for suitable emoluments

Background imageDubious Collection: Lady and Etagere

Lady and Etagere
A lady admires her appearance in the mirror which stands on the top shelf of her etagere, which is otherwise filled with ornaments of dubious chic

Background imageDubious Collection: Black Mass 17th Century

Black Mass 17th Century
The dubious abbe Guiborg, assisted by sorceress La Voisin, performs a messe noire to enable madame de Montespan, Louis XIVs mistress, to retain her power

Background imageDubious Collection: James Macpherson, Scottish writer and politician

James Macpherson, Scottish writer and politician
James Macpherson, Scottish writer, poet, literary collector and politician, known as the " translator" of the Ossian cycle of poems (their authenticity has been disputed)

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