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Dubbed Collection

Background imageDubbed Collection: Tholos Tomb / Mycenae

Tholos Tomb / Mycenae
Schliemann dubbed this majestic building the Treasury of Atreus but the capstone-topped ashlar corbelled masonry is actually that of a Tholos tomb

Background imageDubbed Collection: Postmen of the nations

Postmen of the nations
Photographic montage showing postmen from around the world, dubbed by the ILN as the hardest-worked men in the world at Christmas

Background imageDubbed Collection: Battery or Junin Tower

Battery or Junin Tower
An artillery battery dubbed Junin Tower. Surrounded by girded metal barriers, a group of cannons are being demonstrated to watching military officers. Date: 1866

Background imageDubbed Collection: Mycenae, treasury of Atreus

Mycenae, treasury of Atreus
Details of the construction of a Tholos tomb at Mycenae, dubbed the Treasury of Atreus. The inward laid corbelled masonry was topped with a capstone (Fig. 5). Date: 1855

Background imageDubbed Collection: BAC One-Eleven 510ED G-AVMZ

BAC One-Eleven 510ED G-AVMZ at London Heathrow Airport. The series 500 was also dubbed Super One-eleven. Date: 1969

Background imageDubbed Collection: All Aboard for Margate

All Aboard for Margate
Illustration by F. Matania showing the New Palace Steamer, the Koh-i-noor leaving Old Swan Pier for Margate, 1906. The Sphere dubbed the trip as the voyage down the river which brings health to tired

Background imageDubbed Collection: PISAN, H鬩odore Joseph (1822-1890);Dore, Paul

PISAN, H鬩odore Joseph (1822-1890);Dore, Paul
" PISAN, H鬩 odore Joseph (1822-1890); Dore, Paul Gustave (1832-1883). Il se promenait d un pas lent et mesur鮠 1875-1876

Background imageDubbed Collection: Charles II knights the sirloin

Charles II knights the sirloin
Charles II knights a " Sir Loin" of beef at a feast. Date: 1600s

Background imageDubbed Collection: Womens Work WW1 Munitions

Womens Work WW1 Munitions. With Fond greetings from a Munition worker helping to Carry on This badge proves I m a Worker, who can ne er be dubbed a Shirker Date: circa 1916

Background imageDubbed Collection: David Lloyd and Lord Reading on King Georges Hill

David Lloyd and Lord Reading on King Georges Hill
David Lloyd George (1863-1945) as secretary for war and the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Reading (1860-1935), touring the British front lines in France, September 1916

Background imageDubbed Collection: Mr. Meagher, MP, in the House of Commons, 1906

Mr. Meagher, MP, in the House of Commons, 1906
Illustration of Mr. Meagher, MP for North Kilkenny, shortly after taking his seat in the House of Commons. He was soon in sole possession of the Irish and Labour Benches

Background imageDubbed Collection: Rooms of the Aquitania

Rooms of the Aquitania
Interior water-colours showing interior rooms of the Cunard liner, Aquitania dubbed Britains Largest Sea Palace

Background imageDubbed Collection: Black Maria gun

Black Maria gun
A 100-ton German siege-gun, dubbed the Black Maria by the British Army, divided into pieces for transportation to the front during World War I

Background imageDubbed Collection: Edward VII in his study

Edward VII in his study
Edward VII (1841-1910) shown at his desk in his study. Dubbed, The Uncle of Europe and also, Peacemaker, Edward was a skilled diplomat

Background imageDubbed Collection: Chamber at Mycenae

Chamber at Mycenae
A rock-cut side chamber leading from the tholos tomb, dubbed the Treasury of Atreus by Schliemann

Background imageDubbed Collection: Miss Mary Anderson

Miss Mary Anderson
MARY ANDERSON Actress born in California who always played leading roles in Londons West End. Dubbed " Our Mary" by American audiences

Background imageDubbed Collection: Interior of Tholos Tomb

Interior of Tholos Tomb
A tholos tomb at Mycenae, dubbed the Treasury of Atreus by Schliemann. The stonework is known as corbelling, with successive courses laid inward

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