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Winged Victory of Samothrace or Nike of Samothrace
Supper at Emmaus, 1648, by Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669)
Egypt. Goddess Nephthys. Relief. Memphis
Egyptian Art. Dendera. God Bes. Capital of Column. Relief. T
Goddess Sekhmet, Sculpture. Medinet Habu. Egypt
Egyptian Art. Temple of Kom Ombo. Sekhmet, the lion-headed g
Shiva Nataraja. Bronze. 12th century. India
Egyptian Art. Karnak. The goddess Bastet. Relief
Canopic jar with lid in the form of a jackal: Duamutef. Egyp
Greek Art. Greece. Artemis statue carved in Parian marble
Statue of the goddess Hathor, depicted with cow horns and so
Egypt. Edfu. Temple of Horus. Horus in battle with god Seth
Ara Pacis Augustae. Tellus panel
Hadrians Villa. Statue in the Canopus. God Mars. 2nd centur
Egyptian Art. Karnak. The god Ptah. Relief
King Seti I in front of the God Osiris. Fragment of a pillar
Qebehsenuef, son of Horus. Egypt
Gold bracelet of Queen Amanishakheto. Meroe. Egypt
Statue of Aphrodite. Idalion, Cyprus
Church of St. Clement of Tahull. Pantocrator by the Master o
Pergamon Altar. Aether and Uranus
Pergamon Altar. Theia, giant fallen and Selene
Temple of Mars Ultor. 2nd century BC. Forum of Augustus. Rom
Egyptian art. Colossal statues of a pharaoh, his wife and th
Greek Art. Archaic Period. Winged goddes who tamed wild anim
Relief depicting the lion goddess Mehit
Roman sarcophagus of a child decorated with reliefs depictin
Isis in mourning for Osiris. Egypt
Greek Art. Greece. Bust of Asclepius. Pentelic marble. Bust
Phoenician art. Cyprus. 6th century BC. Herakles, 530-520 A
Pre-Columbian Art. Aztec. Mexico. Seated Deity (Macuilxochit
Pre-Columbian Art. Maya-Toltec. Head of the god of rain
Head of Hathor as cow from grave of Tutankhamun. Egypt
Pharaoh Horemheb and god Amun. Egypt
Stele. Offerings to the god Sobek (Crocodile God). Egypt
Statue of Amenhotep III (Neb-Maat-Ra) and Sobek c.1390-1352
Oxford University robes: Doctor of Divinity (undress)
Four views, Capital University, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Pagoda of Canon (Kannon)
Interior of the Temple of Quannon (Kannon)
Statue of the Buddhist divinity Kuveraa in the grounds of Sandringham, Norfolk
Egypt. God Anubis. Relief. Memphis
Egypt. Goddess Nephthys between two figures of god Anubis. M
Stele about priestess Takerseb. 332-30 BC. Limestone. Egypt
Statuette of a cat depicting goddess Bastet. Wood
Roman Art. Temple of Bel. Relief depicting the god Aglibol
Stele with inscription and relief of the governor Shamsh-res
Kings stele with inscription and a relief depicting King Se

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