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Dispersed Collection

Background imageDispersed Collection: Newport Riot

Newport Riot
At Newport, Monmouthshire, Chartist rioters from nearby mines, led by John Frost, fire on the magistrates at the Westgate hotel but are dispersed by the military

Background imageDispersed Collection: East India House 1800

East India House 1800
The headquarters of the powerful East India Company, Leadenhall Street : they had a museum here of their various acquisitions, which have now been dispersed to museums

Background imageDispersed Collection: Enemy troops massing for attack dispersed World

Enemy troops massing for attack dispersed World
Enemy, troops, massing, for, attack, dispersed, World, War, One, aircraft, Watercolour, painting, Charles, T, Howard, 12021882

Background imageDispersed Collection: SNCAC NC. 702 Martinet F-BAOO

SNCAC NC. 702 Martinet F-BAOO
SNCAC NC.702 Martinet F-BAOO (msn 121). During the second World War the ReichsLufttfahr Ministerium (RLM) dispersed manufacture of (usually)

Background imageDispersed Collection: United Services Museum

United Services Museum
In its day the Royal United Services Museum was regarded as the biggest and most important in the country, apart from the British Museum

Background imageDispersed Collection: South Africa - Two women, a witchdoctor and a child

South Africa - Two women, a witchdoctor and a child
Two women negotiating with a witchdoctor concerning the blessing of a new house in the village - South Africa. Date: circa 1920s

Background imageDispersed Collection: Russian Brutality

Russian Brutality
A religious procession from the church of the Bernardins is suspected by the Russians of being a political demonstration, and dispersed with the usual brutality

Background imageDispersed Collection: Mary Qos Surrenders

Mary Qos Surrenders
Mary Queen of Scots surrenders to Kirkcaldy of Grange after her husband Bothwells flight, his forces dispersed by lord Hume and the confederate barons

Background imageDispersed Collection: Crystal Palace / Dispersed

Crystal Palace / Dispersed
The Dispersion of the Works of all Nations from the Great Exhibition of 1851

Background imageDispersed Collection: Armada / Vessels Wrecked

Armada / Vessels Wrecked
THE SPANISH ARMADA The dispersed Spanish vessels are wrecked by storms round Ireland and western England

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