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Mosaic of a dog from the porters threshold
Apodyterium for the Tepidarium in the Forum Thermae, Pompeii
Stucco design with Bacchantes from the House
Wall painting with framed panels from an ostium
Wall painting showing Bacchus, Venus and Apollo
View of the tablinum in the house of Lucius
Atria of the new fullonica (fullers shop)
House altar in the house of the banker Lucius
Floor mosaic from the new fullonica (fuller s
Floor mosaic from the House of Epigrams, Regio
Floor mosaic from the garden in the House of Vesonius Primus
Floors with colourful marble stones from
Cast of a dead dog from the House of Vesonius
Narcissus contemplating his reflection in
Mosaic picture of a guard dog in the house
Mosaic of a guard dog on a chain from
Marble bust of the owner from the House of
Decorative figures from the House of Epigrams
Plaster cast of a womans body from the Via
Plaster cast of a mans body from the Via
Mural from an atrium in the House of Tryptolemus
Wall painting of cupids playing, fishing
Painted scene of a feast day from the new
Wind god from the House of the Patrician or
Portrait of a man and woman from an unidentified
Nereid sea nymph supported by a monster, half
Allegorical figure of Spring from the west
Wall painting of Iphigenia from the tablinum
Allegorical figure of summer with sickle and wheat
Mural of Venus and cupid fishing with rods from the sea
Mural of Venus and cupid fishing with rods from a pond
Scene from a comedy from the House of
Decorated ceiling from the House of Chlorus and Caprasia
Mural and wallpaper from houses in Pompeii
Wall paintings of arabesques and head of Oceanus
Decorative ornaments from the tablinum of
Mural of faun and bacchante from the House
Wall painting of an arabesque with stag
Decorative ornaments with centaurs and harpies in the oecus
Ariadne watching Theseuss boat depart
Mural with panel of theatrical masks
Landscape painting from the Exedra in
Mural from unidentified building in Pompeii
Curious wall painting from the oecus of Casa del Meleagro
Wall paintings from rooms in the House of
Wall painting from a small bedroom in the House of Orpheus
Wall painting from a room in the House of
Theseus and Ariadne from a tablinum in
Wall painting from the triclinium in the House
Wall painting of Bacchus with peacocks
Orpheus with lyre from the viridarium (garden)
Mural in a viridarium of a tiger attacking
Shopfront with an overhanging balcony, Pompeii

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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