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Albrecht Durers Rhinoceros
Fortnum & Mason
Japan - Geisha - See no evil, Hear no evil, speak no evil
Pinus cembra, Arolla pine
The Zulu war. Scene of the Battle of Isandula (Isandhlwana)
Venus flytrap, Dionaea muscipula
Araucaria columnaris & A. heterophyllo
Zodiac with winged male, poss. Cupid / Eros
BUEIL, John V of (1406-1477). Noble French, companion
Facial expressions
Methodus plantarum sexalis in sistemate naturae descripta
Officer, 1st Royal Regiment of Dragoons
The Great Sanhedrin
Description de la Terre Universelle (1667). Map
African Grey Parrot
Future Life Regression
Advert, Garratts Coach Manufactory
Palm-wine tapper climbing a palm tree, Senegambia
Dance The Camel Walk demonstrated by Clifton Webb and June
Mr. Cockings Parachute
The Old Curiosity Shop, Holborn, london
Senegal bushbaby or lesser galago, Galago senegalensis
Womans hairstyle and jewelry, Senegambia, 18th century
Worker, soldier and queen termites, Macrotermes bellicosus
Moorish grisgris, water bottle and pouch, Senegal
Mandinka man playing a balafon with sticks
King Sandaineh of Saloum, Senegambia, 18th century
A floating bamboo bridge over the Senegal River
Weapons and musical instruments of Senegambia, 18th century
Metalwork and woven items from Senegambia, 18th century
Man weaving cotton on a loom, Senegambia, 18th century
Two slatees guard a coffle of enslaved men, Senegal
Woman of Senegambia beating cotton, 18th century
Blacksmith or goldsmith at work, Senegambia, 18th century
View of a Fuli town and plantations, Senegambia
Plan of the King of Sines palace, Joal, Senegambia
Women of Senegambia washing themselves, 18th century
Man seized by leg cramp in the honeymoon bed
Mulberry Harbour anchor Asnelles, Gold Beach
Advert, J & E Overend, Wire Works, Glasgow, Scotland
Advert, James Atkinson, Perfumer, London
Advert, J Delcroix, Perfumer, New Bond Street, London
Advert, A Rowland and Son, Hatton Garden, London
Advert, Henry Pointer, Wine and Spirit Merchant
Advert, Henry Edwards, Fancy Jeweller and Cutler
Advert, s Moss, Druggist, Operative & Experimental Chemist
Advert, Montpellier Baths, Bath Road, Cheltenham
Advert for Tanner & Baylis Fly Waggons

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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