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Delegation Gallery

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Events / Ireland / 1921
Anastasia Bitsenko going to Brest-Litovsk peace meeting
Japanese surrender delegation aboard the USS Missouri
Regulus Leaves Carthage
Mao Zedong with delegation from North Korea
Yemeni Delegation - Official Visit to Naples, Italy
Eva Peron with delegation of teachers and students
Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester and the Garter Mission in Japan to bestow upon Emperor Showa (Hirohito) (1901-1989)
Reception of King Kofi Karikaris ambassadors in the English camp
Sakutaro Fukuda, Japanese diplomat, Europe, 1862
Captain Chavasse VC Memorial, Brandhoek Church grounds
The Hungarian delegation, headed by Count Albert Apponyi
Polish military delegation in London, September 1939
No 3 Commando & Brigadier Peter Young Memorial
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Heston Aerodrome
Archduke Maximilian receives the Mexican delegation
Arcos House, Moorgate Street, London
Approach of Emperor of China to receive British Ambassador
Silhouetted building
German Dignitaries visiting Turkey
A visit of the Viceroy of Canton to Hong Kong
Marie Francois Sadi Carnot (1837-1894). Engraving. Colored
Persepolis. Relief of the stairs of the Apadana. Detail. Del
India. Sepoy Rebellion (1857). English delegation
Reception at Zanzibar
WW1 - Russian-German Negotiations, Brest-Litovks
Clemenceau visits ruined and formerly-occupied Alsace
GOUBAUD, Innocent Louis (1780-1847). Napoleon (1769-1821)
German delegates listen to peace terms after WW1
Scouts in Exile, at camp in Triveaux, France
Burmese delegation visiting LFB HQ
Treaty of Rawalpindi, 1919
Ataturk and General Harrington
Canary Islands - Gran Canaria - Arrucas - Arrival of Covian
Victory Celebrations in Paris - End of WW1
China, Jilin City - Delegation of Justice
China, Jilin City - Delegation of Education
China, Jilin City - Foreign Affairs Delegation Building
Top Russian Diplomatic Staff in Italy
Visiting Turkish Delegation to Naples (Hotel Excelsior)
Commodore Perrys delegation
Sudan - A delegation from Darfur
View of Washington, DC, copied from a sketch made by a membe
Suffrage Delegation / 1914
General von Gundell
Count Oberndorff
General Von Winterfeld

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