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Damascus Gallery

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Map of Palestine and the Holy Land
View of the city de Damascus, Syrian anonymous
Desert Bus Service
General view and Minaret of the Bride, Damascus, Holy Land
The Hejaz Railway at Zabadani, Damascus, Syria
Court of Maison Lisbona in Damascus, Syria
Midhat Pasha Souq at Damascus Straight Street, Syria
Conversion of St Paul on the road to Damascus
Syria / Damascus / Barrada
Damascus, Syria - Ancient Walls (St. Pauls escape)
Damascus Street 1933
Syria / Damascus 1890S
The court of a house, Damascus, Holy Land, (i.e. Syria)
Syria / Damascus 1846
Victoria Hotel in Damascus, Syria
Bab Sharqi (Gate of the Sun) in Damascus, Syria
Al-Hamidiyah Souq in old town Damascus, Syria
Rue Droite, Straight Street, Damascus, Syria
Band of the Turkish Army in Palestine awaits Djemal Pasha
Syrian Women preparation preparing flat bread
Damascus, Syria - Rue de la Gare and the Orient Palace Hotel
Barada river in Damascus, Syria
Martyrs Square in Damascus, Syria
Al-Salihiyah (Salehiye) in Damascus, Syria
Part of the Temple of Jupiter in Damascus, Syria
Interior of Azm (Azem) Palace in Damascus, Syria
Damascus Straight Street, Syria
Damascus, Syria - Entrance to the House of Saint Ananias
Damascus, Syria - Midan Bazar
Bayt Shamiyya (Maison Chamieh), Damascus, Syria
Soufanieh Bridge and Gate of Bab-Touma at Damascus, Syria
Damascus, Syria - Ancient Walls and the Bab Sharqi Gate
Syrian Textile Weaver at work on his loom - Damascus
Syria. Damascus. Khan As ad Pasha, old caravanserai built 17
Syria. Damascus. Nur al-Din Bimaristan. Old hospital.12th ce
Trajans Market. Rome. Italy
Syria. Damascus. Umayyad Mosque or Great Mosque of Damascus
Bab Sharqi Gate, Damascus, Syria
Courtyard, house of Abdullah Pasha, Damascus, Syria
The Umayyad Mosque, Great Mosque of Damascus, Syria
Minaret de la Fiancee Great Umayyad Mosque Damascus
Tomb of St George, St Georges, Damascus, Syria
Straight Street, Damascus, Syria, c.1870 s
Wall of St. Paul in Damascus, Syria, c.1890
Panoramic view of the city of Damascus, Syria
Wall of Jerusalem, St Damascus Gate Palestine, Israel, Holy
c.1900 Palestine Israel - Damascus Gate Jerusalem
Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, Holy Land, Palestine, Israel, Bonf

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