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Cyanus Collection

Background imageCyanus Collection: Cornflower or bluet, Centaurea cyanus

Cornflower or bluet, Centaurea cyanus.. Handcoloured copperplate engraving by French botanist Jean Baptiste Francois Pierre Bulliard from Herbier de la France, Paris, 1780

Background imageCyanus Collection: Plants / Centaurea Cyanus

Plants / Centaurea Cyanus
Blue Bottle, Cornflower

Background imageCyanus Collection: Azure-winged magpie, Cyanopica cyanus

Azure-winged magpie, Cyanopica cyanus (Cyanean crow, Corvus cyaneus). Illustration drawn and engraved by Richard Polydore Nodder

Background imageCyanus Collection: Motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca, and cornflower

Motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca, and cornflower, Centaurea cyanus. Handcoloured woodblock engraving of a botanical illustration from Adam Lonicers Krauterbuch, or Herbal, Frankfurt, 1557

Background imageCyanus Collection: White-chinned sapphire, Hylocharis cyanus

White-chinned sapphire, Hylocharis cyanus (Blue-green hummingbird, Trochilus cyaneus). Handcoloured steel engraving by William Lizars from Sir William Jardines Naturalists Library: Ornithology

Background imageCyanus Collection: Cornflower, Cyanus segetum

Cornflower, Cyanus segetum
Bluebottle or cornflower, Cyanus segetum (Centaurea cyanus). Handcoloured copperplate engraving after an illustration by Richard Duppa from his The Classes

Background imageCyanus Collection: St. Johns wort, Hypericum perforatum

St. Johns wort, Hypericum perforatum, Polyadelphia, 1, 2, and blue bottle or cornflower, Centaurea cyanus, Syngenesia, 3-5. Handcoloured copperplate engraving by F

Background imageCyanus Collection: Cyanus depressus

Cyanus depressus. (Prostrate centaury, Centaurea depressa). Handcoloured copperplate engraving after a botanical illustration from William Jackson Hookers Botanical Magazine, London, 1838

Background imageCyanus Collection: Salsify, houseleek, snakeroot, cornflower

Salsify, houseleek, snakeroot, cornflower
Black salsify, Scorzonera hispanica 1, mountain houseleek, Sempervivum montanum 2, snakeroot, Sagittaria sagittifolia 3, cornflower, Centaurea cyanus 4, Judas tree, Cercis siliquastrum 5

Background imageCyanus Collection: Wall butterfly, Lasiommata megera, on cornflower

Wall butterfly, Lasiommata megera, on cornflower
Wall butterfly, Lasiommata megera, larva and pupa on cornflower, Centaurea cyanus. Handcoloured copperplate engraving drawn

Background imageCyanus Collection: Cornflower (Dwarf) Jubilee Gem, Centaurea Cyanus

Cornflower (Dwarf) Jubilee Gem, Centaurea Cyanus
Cornflower (Dwarf), Jubilee Gem, Centaurea Cyanus, an annual flowering plant of the Asteraceae family. The flowers are a dazzling blue

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