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Crochet Collection (#2)

Background imageCrochet Collection: WW1 The Ladys World cover - dreadnought cushion cover

WW1 The Ladys World cover - dreadnought cushion cover
Front cover of a First World War period The Ladys World Fancy Work Book featuring a topical design for a dreadnought cushion cover. Date: c.1915

Background imageCrochet Collection: Julia James in 1920

Julia James in 1920
Julia James (1890 - 1964), English actress, playing the part of Lady Mary Lasenby in Sir James Barries " An Admirable Crichton", Comedy, at the Royalty Theatre London. Date: 1920

Background imageCrochet Collection: German woman - crocheting for her brother at the front - WW1

German woman - crocheting for her brother at the front - WW1
A German woman (Gertrude Konigshain) works on a piece of crochet - possibly a favour to her brother (?) fighting at the front during WW1

Background imageCrochet Collection: Music Notation, 1810

Music Notation, 1810
Diagrams illustrating musical notation. The treble, tenor and base clef, the diatonic scale and note names and values are indicated. Date: 1810

Background imageCrochet Collection: Evening Mantle 1912

Evening Mantle 1912
A blue satin evening mantle open to the waist & ornamented with black bows & possibly Irish lace. She wears tiara & an ostrich feather plume in her hair. N.B jade necklace. Date: 1912

Background imageCrochet Collection: Nurse holding baby

Nurse holding baby
A nurse in white uniform holds a baby dressed in a long crocheted shawl and bonnet

Background imageCrochet Collection: Crocheted Accessories

Crocheted Accessories
A woman looks in her bag, crocheted from red rust wool; her matching hat and scarf are also crocheted and look smart against her fawn tweed coat

Background imageCrochet Collection: Girls Wearing Ponchos

Girls Wearing Ponchos
Non-identical twin sisters wearing crochet ponchos

Background imageCrochet Collection: Dress with Irish Crochet

Dress with Irish Crochet
A barrel-line dress with a V -neck & inserts of irish crochet with a long fringed sash worn across the hips & the bodice pouched slightly to soften the line

Background imageCrochet Collection: Female Type / Crochet Cap

Female Type / Crochet Cap
All the nice girls love a sailor especially this young woman whose decided to crochet herself a cap to let everyone know which is her favourite armed service

Background imageCrochet Collection: Crochet Chemise 1920S

Crochet Chemise 1920S
A young woman poses provocatively in a chemise with a crochet yoke, hem & insertions

Background imageCrochet Collection: Furs / Grunwaldt / Plate 9

Furs / Grunwaldt / Plate 9
Two women with one live furry friend. Tunic dress with crochet trim, black gauze hat, black fur muff; unspecifed black fur coat ornamented with large oriental style tassels

Background imageCrochet Collection: Marguerite Leslie C1908

Marguerite Leslie C1908
The S-bend silhouette is still discernable in this velvet gown with square corsage & crochet or lace trim. N.B bandeau in her hair & a long string of knotted pearls

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