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Coral Gallery

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The attack carrier USS Coral Sea enters Pearl Harbour
Sinking of the Emden
Venetian Pools, Coral Gables, Florida, USA
Cauliflower coral mushroom, Ramaria botrytis, edible
Woman in ball gown of coral taffeta with silk ruffles
Organ pipe coral, Tubipora chamissonis
Mushroom coral species
Caiman crocodilus crocodilus and Anilius scytale
Coral Snake
Coral Snake
Coral fungus varieties
Coral Gallery c.1895
Tea estate, Sri Lanka
Edible mushroom and fungi varieties
White peony, Paeonia lactiflora
Painted coral snake, Micrurus corallinus
Dusky coral pea, false sarsaparilla and blackhorm
Bunodes ballii, sea anemone
Poster, Monaco Aquarium
Naked-flowering coral-tree, Erythrina poianthes
Japanese women picnicing in a field, Tokyo, 18th century
Coral tree, Erythrina crista-galli
Porcelain crab, shrimp and extinct crustacean
Spotted drum, Equetus punctatus
Fossils of extinct molluscs
Swimming crab and moon crab
Coral clinging crab, arrow crab and Leachs spider crab
Horn coral and extinct coral
Gutweed or grass kelp, Ulva intestinalis
Extinct fossil coral Palaeocyclus porpita 1, and Fungia
Fossils of extinct coral
Bristle fern, Trichomanes elegans
Indian chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum indicum
Woman in costume as a page in La Mascotte, 1880s
Reconstruction of extinct synapsid dinosaur Dimetrodon
Woman in house gown of coral-print silk over a linen
Woman in tweed coat, check skirt and high laced
Porcelain vases, jardiniere, ashtray, figures, etc
Woman in fine serge suit with coral buttons looking
Woman in green ratine and black velvet suit
Woman in a blue pagoda dress with necklaces and pantaloons
Cup caryophylla coral, Caryophyllia cyathus
Mushroom coral, Fungia fungites
Coral drops or elegant bessera, Bessera elegans
Mr. Bidwills erythrina, Erythrina bidwillii
Cock s-comb or cockspur coral tree, Erythrina crista-galli
Porella compressa
Sea fan, Gorgonia species
Painted coral snake and Egyptian cobra

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