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Consecutive Collection

Background imageConsecutive Collection: WPA. concerts of unusual music Pre-Bach to moderns : 8 conse

WPA. concerts of unusual music Pre-Bach to moderns : 8 consecutive wednesday evenings. Poster for Federal Music Project presentation of concert series free to the public

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Fowler Ploughing Engine team

Fowler Ploughing Engine team
Unidentified Fowler Ploughing Engine team. Ploughing engines worked as pairs and were usually consecutive build numbers and registration numbers. Date: 1959

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Antiphonal (Incunable Fragment)

Antiphonal (Incunable Fragment)
Two consecutive leaves from an incunable antiphonal, parchment. Text in black ink with red rubrics. Musical notation in a German gothic hufnagel style on a 5-line stave printed in red with F

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Sacramentary (Incunable Fragment)

Sacramentary (Incunable Fragment)
Two consecutive bifolios from an incunabula, parchment. Part of a liturgical text, probably a sacramentary but possibly a missal. Date: Late circa 15th Century

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Biblical Commentary (Fragments)

Biblical Commentary (Fragments)
Two leaves from a Biblical commentary, parchment. From the same manuscript, possibly two halves of a bifolium, although the text is not consecutive

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Psalter (Fragments)

Psalter (Fragments)
Parts of three bifolia from a psalter, parchment. Text in a single column in a Gothic rotunda script in dark brown ink with alternating red and blue decorated capitals and larger red

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Decretales Gregorii IX (Fragments)

Decretales Gregorii IX (Fragments)
Fragments of two leaves from the same manuscript, not consecutive, parchment. The text is from the Decretals of Gregory IX or Decretales Gregorii IX, also known as the Liber Extra, Book III

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Donatus Liber de Octo Partibus Orationis (Fragments)

Donatus Liber de Octo Partibus Orationis (Fragments)
Two double leaves (bifolia), parchment, from Liber de Octo Partibus Orationis, part of Donatus Ars Grammatica, specifically Ars Minor

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Breviary (Fragment)

Breviary (Fragment)
Two leaves, probably from a breviary, parchment. The leaves are from the same work but do not appear to be consecutive. Main body text in two columns in a Gothic textualis rotunda in dark brown ink

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Hebrew Manuscript Fragments

Hebrew Manuscript Fragments
Two folios, parchment, probably from the same manuscript but not necessarily consecutive. Text is from the Book of Genesis, beginning at Chapter 7, verse 18 on f.1, and ends at Chapter 48 on f.2

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Gebetbuch (Fragment)

Gebetbuch (Fragment)
Five leaves from a prayer book (Gebetbuch) in Middle Dutch, parchment. Consists of one bifolium and three loose leaves, probably consecutive

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Royal Aircraft Factory SE. 5a - NC2679

Royal Aircraft Factory SE. 5a - NC2679
Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a NC2679, of Skywriters Incorporated of New York. This aircraft and four others with consecutive registrations were registered with Skywriters in December 1927

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Woods Wood Engraving Establishment

Woods Wood Engraving Establishment -- new principle of consecutive wood engraving. 19th century

Background imageConsecutive Collection: The burgomaster the great up to date musical comedy : unprec

The burgomaster the great up to date musical comedy : unprecedented record of over 100 consecutive performances at Dearborn Theatre, Chicago. Date ca. 1899

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Railway ticket printing machine

Railway ticket printing machine
A hand leaver ticket printing machine, tickets are printed on every stroke with a consecutive number and discharged in a receiver below. The machine is capable of printing 200 tickets per minute

Background imageConsecutive Collection: Advertisement for Ford motor cars

Advertisement for Ford motor cars
Full page advertisement for Ford cars with photo story of the 334, 930 miles driven in Ford cars over 72 consecutive hours

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