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Column Gallery

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Dublin / O connell Street
Classical Orders
The British Second Army in Valkenswaard, Holland; Second Wor
George Square, Glasgow
Sixth Column Strategy
Diagram of the human brain and spinal column
Reconstruction of the Roman Forum, Rome, Italy
The swimming pool on board the Berengaria
Pierrot and Columbine -- Smile, Please
O Connell St and Bridge showing Nelsons Pillar, Dublin
Trafalgar Square and Lord Nelson
Cover design, Aero Espresso Italiana timetable
Newcastle upon Tyne
Corpus Christi College quad, Oxford
Astoria Column
Plan of Silchester / 1777
Volcanic eruption of Lassen Peak, California
Charles Darwin / Column
Lafayette Square, Buffalo, New York State, USA
German Tanks Advance
The Happy Prince
Portrait of King Solomon (c.1011-c.928 BC). Engraving by Gus
Italy. Pompeii. Temple of Apollo. Marbles altar, ionic colu
San Francisco church, Barranco, Lima, Peru, South America
Banquet scene in the Egyptian Hall at Mansion House
Poster for the Daily Herald - Footballer
San Pietro in Montorio. The Tempietto built by Donato Braman
Temple of Vesta. Rome. Italy
Corpus Iuris Civilis
Trafalgar Square Lions
Egyptian Art. Dendera. God Bes. Capital of Column. Relief. T
Capriccio Landscape, by Jean Victor Bertin
Crowd in St. Peters Square, blessing from Pope in Vatican
Roman legionaries in armour building fortifications
Interior of the Aquarium, Brighton, Sussex
Parthenon. Athens. Greece
Square du Petit Sablon, Brussels, Belgium
Side door of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Genoa, Italy
WW2 defence, illustration by William Heath Robinson
Trajan Column, Rome, base portion
Temple of Luxor. Night view of the first courtyard. Egypt
1st International Aircraft Exhibition Poster
Nervous System 18th C
Winged Victoria figure, Siegessaule, Berlin, Germany
Nelson Statue
Nelson Statue
Trafalgar Square / Chromo
Horse drawn fire engine, Trafalgar Square, London
The output of the Duke of Choiseul (1719-1785) of St. Peter

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