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Columbian Gallery

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Aztec calendar
Codex Borgia. Ritual and divinatory mesoamerican
Field Columbian Museum, Jackson Park, Chicago
Mexico. Uxmal. Pyramid of the Magician
Monolithic stele from Tiwanaku, La Paz, Bolivia
Warrior. Inca art. Relief. PERU. Lima. National
Xochipilli. Mexica deity of love, games, beauty
Gold nose ring. Chibcha art. Jewelry. COLOMBIA
Mexico City. Quetzalcoatl Snake
Maya Civilization. Ball game
Replica of the Mayan wall paintings placed in Bonampak
Pre-Columbian America. Zapotec culture
Mexico. Villahermosa. Cultura Olmeca
Bolivia Tiwanaku Site
View of the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia, 1787
Columbia - Bogota - Unidentified Church or Monastery
Ruins of the Wiracocha Temple at Raqch i, Peru
Tammany Hall, 14th Street, New York City, USA
Advert for Columbian Trio Concert Company, Ohio, USA
MEXICO. VERACRUZ. El Taj�Relief from the south
Manco Capac, legendary founder of the Inca Empire
MEXICO. YUCATN. Chich鮠ItzᮠEl Castillo, aka
Pyramid of the Moon. 4th c. MEXICO. STATE OF MEXICO
Sculpture depicting the goddess of fertility, artifact
Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl, found at Colle de las Escalerilla
Trocortesian or Madrid Codex. s.XIV. Detail. Maya
Bottle with female form and gold nose ring. Childbirth
Head of a guacamayas (parrot) for the game of pelota
Earmuff with Moche warrior. Gold, shells, turquoises
Stone of the Sun. 1479. Incorrectly known as Aztec
Scoreboards in volcanic tuff (diameter 73cm) intended
Golden portrait vessel. Pre-Inca civilization, Peru
Atlantis or warrior with arms raised. Polychrome
Gold breastplate muisca. Proceeds from Chiquinquir
Figure. Pre-Columbian art. Sculpture in the round
Poporo. Lime container used to carry the lime to
Chimu Pendant. Chimu art. Jewelry. COLOMBIA. CUNDINAMARCA
Pinhead with mythological figure. Pre-Columbian
Gold stick handle with figure of a bird. Majagual
Gold ceremonial mask. Calima art. Jewelry. COLOMBIA
Figure of an animal. Muisca Art. Chibcha art. Jewelry
Gold breastplate with anthropomorphic figure. Quimbaya
Anthropomorphic gold figure decorated with a nose
Muisca gold pendant. The tunjo of a warrior with
Anthropomorphic figure of a man seated with nose
Mexico. Uxmal. Maya city. Nunnery Quadrangle
Mexico. Tula. Refinery
Mexico. Palenque. Temple of the Inscriptions

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