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Collarless Collection

Background imageCollarless Collection: Costume / Poiret / Wool Coat

Costume / Poiret / Wool Coat
Paul Poiret creation: collarless purple wool coat bordered in gold & white & with a bold floral design on the chest & hem

Background imageCollarless Collection: Burberry cotton houndstooth coat and Simone Mirman turban

Burberry cotton houndstooth coat and Simone Mirman turban
A Burberry in French cotton printed in large black and white houndstooth design, fully shower proof and lined with cherry taffeta

Background imageCollarless Collection: Nina Ricci cape coat 1961

Nina Ricci cape coat 1961
Cape coat in pebble wool in a rich marron glace reversing to stone designed by Jean Crahay at Nina Ricci. The dress underneath is of the same marron colour and is slim-fitting

Background imageCollarless Collection: Grey Tailor Made 1899

Grey Tailor Made 1899
Pale grey tailor made with white trim: collarless jacket with short rounded basque, tight sleeves with puff at the shoulder, gored skirt, pleated blouse & grey fur stole. Date: 1899

Background imageCollarless Collection: 6th Earl Haddington

6th Earl Haddington
THOMAS HAMILTON, 6TH EARL OF HADDINGTON Scottish noble. Date: 1680 - 1735

Background imageCollarless Collection: Britannia and Eve magazine, February 1935

Britannia and Eve magazine, February 1935
Front cover illustration featuring a glamorous 1930s woman, wearing a dark collarless jacket, with white gloves and a dark hat with white floral trim. She holds a bouquet of purple pansies

Background imageCollarless Collection: SMART DAY WEAR 1964-65

A woman in smart day wear & fur hat getting into a taxi

Background imageCollarless Collection: TAXI

A woman in smart stylish suit of straight knee-length skirt & a collarless sac like short jacket with tie fastening, fur hat & stiletto heels hails a taxi

Background imageCollarless Collection: Cocktail Chic 1937

Cocktail Chic 1937
Spanish fashions for sunny afternoons in cocktail bars: black self-sriped jacket and pleated skirt, trousers and collarless jacket, grey check jacket with over-stitching

Background imageCollarless Collection: Linen Frocks 1929

Linen Frocks 1929
Practical summer frocks in embroidered linen: collarless jacket & 2 piece dress with flounce, or gored skirt, scarf & plain trim, or a floral dress with coatee bodice

Background imageCollarless Collection: Costume / Photo of Frank

Costume / Photo of Frank
Boy wears a dark 3-piece suit with a collarless short jacket fastening with one button at the throat & the front borders rounded off, an Eton collar, narrow bowtie & a peaked cap

Background imageCollarless Collection: Velvet Suit 1870S / Boy

Velvet Suit 1870S / Boy
Boy wears a velvet suit of danish trousers & collarless jacket with a belt of the same material, the whole trimmed with braid. Worn with a white bowtie & boots

Background imageCollarless Collection: Boy & Velvet Chair 1860S

Boy & Velvet Chair 1860S
Boy: dark suit with a Zouave style jacket (collarless, one button & rounded front borders), waistcoat, narrow bowtie & boots. His hair is slicked back from his face

Background imageCollarless Collection: Bearded Man 1860S

Bearded Man 1860S
A bearded man with one hand on his hip wears collarless waistcoat & jacket with braid on the cuffs, broad silk faced lapels & with the fronts sloping away from above waist level

Background imageCollarless Collection: Summer Frocks 1929

Summer Frocks 1929
Summer frocks: sleeveless & white with a central back pleat; princess line with long sleeves & pleated hem; box pleated skirt & collarless jacket with scallop edge

Background imageCollarless Collection: Fox Coat by Halifax

Fox Coat by Halifax
A short length, collarless fox fur coat by Halifax. The model wears a tiny hat perched on one side with a veil

Background imageCollarless Collection: 3 Elegant Men 1844

3 Elegant Men 1844
Blue lined sleeved cloak or mantle (Mantaeau Catalan), striped or plaid trousers, waisted S-B & D-B coats with pocket flaps worn as top coats & collarless waistcoats

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