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Climbing Gallery

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Mallory and Irvine at the Second Step, Everest, 1924
Edmund Hillary & Tensing
1922 British Mt Everest Expedition - Norton and Mallory
Hillary and Tensing Bhutia conquering Everest
Colonel Norton, at 28, 000 ft, on Everest, 1924
Annie Peck masked and dressed for climbing
Tropaeolum Speciosum (Flame Flower)
Everest 1924 Group
Dorothy Pilley, English climber in Glacier National Park
Hillary and Tensing on Mount Everest
Napes Needle
Napes Needle
The Gymnasium - Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Devon
LCC-LFB Serious house fire in Notting Hill
LCC-LFB Recruit firefighters training at Brigade HQ SE1
Tarot Card 10 - La Roue de Fortune (The Wheel of Fortune)
Poster for Ovo Sports Food
Dr. Beebe climbing out of his bathysphere, August 1934
To the Girls in Navy Blue by William Barribal
Glasgow Fire Drill Competition, Scotland
Eiger Ascent 1938
American firefighters in London WWII
Italian Alpini climbing Monte Adamello
Climbers on Chomolhari, Bhutan, May 1937
Ascent Mont Blanc - 4
Bewick / Margay
Dorian Gray / Wilde / Books
The Key to the Moon by Florence Mary Anderson
Clematis Montana Rubens
Ghost on the Tulip Staircase of the Queens House
The Queens House Ghost on the Tulip Staircase. In 1966
Girl climbing tree, line of washing, Balham, SW London
Stylidium scandens, climbing trigger plant
Consolidated PBY Catalina (aft) climbing away of Boein
Tiger attempting to reach big game hunter
Collecting Eggs at Flamborough Head
The Barbarine - first climbed 1905 - Germany
LCC-LFB Recruit firemen training at Brigade HQ, SE1
LCC-LFB Recruit fireman training at Brigade HQ, SE1
Climbers on the Pillar Rock, Ennerdale, Cumbria, 1912
Mountain climbing in snow, Mont Blanc, Alps
Climbing in the Langdale Valley, Lake District, Cumbria
French boy scout rock climbing
Pilot of a Consolidated B-24 US Army Airforce Bomber
A Climbing Turn on the Bat Bantam
Harbour with sailing boat and religious statue
Picking Apples by Millicent Sowerby
Anti-Aircraft Gun on USS Texas, 1916
Climbing / Alps / Nadelhorn

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