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Choose Collection (#2)

Background imageChoose Collection: Frozen Food Shop / 1970S

Frozen Food Shop / 1970S
People with trolleys lift the lids and peer into the chest freezers trying to decide which foods to choose. There is a good selection including Kosher meat and poultry

Background imageChoose Collection: Wurlitzer Piano in Home

Wurlitzer Piano in Home
A lady delights her fellow- guests with her piano playing, enhanced by the tones of the Wurlitzer instrument her hosts have the good taste to choose

Background imageChoose Collection: Damayanti Chooses Nala

Damayanti Chooses Nala
DAMAYANTI, daughter of Bhima king of Vidarbha, chooses prince NALA as her husband; despite the presence of lookalike gods she is guided to choose the real Nala

Background imageChoose Collection: Eagle as us Symbol

Eagle as us Symbol
The eagle symbolises the way Americans choose to think of themselves - rapacious, aggressive, isolationist, predatory. You wouldn t want one as a pet !

Background imageChoose Collection: Election, Westminster

Election, Westminster
THE WESTMINSTER ELECTION : the hustings in Covent Garden, adjoining St Pauls church - market women watch as the voters choose between Evans and Rous

Background imageChoose Collection: Female Type / Seeds Love

Female Type / Seeds Love
Words and music to a song, The Seeds of Love, with a picture of a lady who can t make up her mind who to choose

Background imageChoose Collection: York & Lancaster Houses

York & Lancaster Houses
Opposing nobles choose white or red roses depending on whether they favour the House of York or the House of Lancaster

Background imageChoose Collection: Soft Landings

Soft Landings
Sooner or later, every aviator has a crash, and not all can choose where to fall : lucky are those who find somewhere soft

Background imageChoose Collection: Pyne - Alderman

Pyne - Alderman
AN ALDERMAN Each Ward of London has its alderman to settle its business, redress grievances and choose a Lord Mayor from among their number

Background imageChoose Collection: Angel, Children, Tree

Angel, Children, Tree
A helpful angel accompanies two children into the woods to help them choose their tree; thanks to her help, they find one already decorated with candles and dingle-dangles

Background imageChoose Collection: Religion / Islam / Mecca

Religion / Islam / Mecca
Mecca pilgrims, having set eyes on the Kaaba, choose to blind themselves (by staring at red-hot bricks) rather than look at anything less sacred Date: 1905

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