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Snow morel, Gyromitra gigas, and hooded false
Half-free morel, Morchella semi-libera, Mitrophora
Cauliflower coral mushroom, Ramaria botrytis, edible
Morel mushrooms: Morchella esculenta, M conica
Morel mushrooms
Dark cep or bronze bolete, Boletus aereus
False chanterelle, Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca, dubious
Honey mushroom, Armillaria mellea, Agaricus melleus, edible
Fly agaric mushroom, Amanita muscaria
Shaggy inkcap, Coprinus comatus, and mica cap
Poisonous stinkhorn mushroom, Phallus impudicus
Poisonous mushroom Amanita muscaria, scarlet
Panther cap mushroom, Amanita pantherina
Death cap mushroom, Amanita phalloides
Hygroscopic earthstar, Geastrum hygrometricum
Morel mushrooms: Morchella lutescens, Morchella
Hedgehog mushroom, Hydnum repandum, and scaly
Red-capped scaber stalk, Leccinum aurantiacum, edible
Yellow-gilled russula, Russula alutacea, edible
Edible mushroom, Russula virescens, and suspect
Honey fungus, Armillaria bulbigera and A robusta
Earthball, Scleroderma vulgare var verrucosum
Ugly milk-cap Lactarius turpis and poisonous
Polypore mushrooms
Blusher mushroom, Amanita rubescens
Alder bolete and summer cap
Slimy spike-cap mushrooms
Wood mushrooms
Shaggy scalycap and golden pholiota
Livid entoloma or livid agaric, Entoloma sinuatum
Spotted toughshank and split gill mushroom
Buttery collybia and spindleshank mushroom
Gooseberry russula, Russula queletii
Russula mushrooms
Blackening brittlegill and charcoal burner
Milkcap mushroom, Lactarius controversus
Clitocybe mushrooms
Soap-scented toadstool and grey knight mushroom
Plums and custard mushroom and bitter knight
Pinkmottle woodwax, russet scaly tricholoma
Freckled dapperling and European matsutake
Peziza mushroom and pink crown
Edible parasol mushroom, Lepiota procera
Tawny grisette and grisette mushroom
Differentes especes de Champignons
Spiny puffball, Lycoperdon echinatum, and earthball
Peziza mushrooms: P aurantia, coccinea, fulgens
White saddle, Helvella crispa, and Palamino

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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