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Cell Gallery

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Histological Diagram of a Mammalian Retina
Rolls Royce / Snecma Olympus 593 Mk602 engine in a test cell
Human cell
Human cell
Aylesbury Prison 1900
State Penitentiary at Stateville, Joliet, Illinois, USA
Brammer, Strong & Clarke
Brixton Prison / Mayhew
Pentonville Prison Cell
Plasmodium sp. malarial parasite
Man in the Iron Mask, playing the cello in prison
Irish gentleman in a whisky bar in Dublin prison, 1821
Portsmouth Prison Gallery
Convict in prison cell turning hand-crank
Cell wing at Pentonville Prison
Human red blood corpuscles
Girls room, Aylesbury Borstal, Buckinghamshire
Science / Evolution
Suffragette in Prison Cell
Sleeping cell at Brixton Prison
Foraminifer model
T2 cell culture
Fagin in Jail
Fagin in Jail
Prisons / USA
Prisons / USA
Stonehenge / Stukeley
Romeo & Juliet / Friar
Voltaic pile by alessandro Volta. Colored engraving
SCHWANN, Theodor (1810 - 1882). German physiologist
Suffragette, Force Feeding Milk
Pregnant nun Sister Jean sitting in her convent cell
Convair F-106B-31-CO Delta Dart 57-2507
Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta (1745-1827). Ita
Stone-breaking cell in a workhouse
SCHLEIDEN, Matthias Jakob (1804-1881). German
Galleria Mazzini, Genoa, Genova, Italy
Ouled Nail street, Biskra, Algeria
Street in Tunis with arches, architecture, Tunisia
Irish gentleman in his cell, Dublin prison, 1821
The hermitage of Monserrato, Isle of Elba
Wormwood Scrubs - Prison Cell
East entrance to the cell in the Southwest
North view of the cell in the Southwest Tower
Metamorphosis of honey bees, honeycomb, queens, drones
Colonel F. Carneiro de Campos: Prisoner of War
Curtiss-Wright 16ft 8ins, four-blade, hollow steel propeller
Suffragette in prison Votes for Women
Shakespeare, The Tempest, Prosperos Cell
Kaempferia roscoeana, Germinating pollen cells

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