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Spanish Grand Prix poster
Romanesque altar from Sagas. The Visitation, Nativity and Ad
CELLARIUS, Andreas (1596-1665). Atlas Coelestis
Bernat Martorell (died 1452). Manuscript. Book of hours, 144
Chalice with a paten. Vermeil. 20th century. Cabot workshop
Folio of Codex of the Usages depicting the Catalan Parlia
GAUDI i CORNET, Antoni (1852-1926). Sagrada Familia
SMITH, Adam (1723-1790). The Theory of Moral
Koran written in Arabic (14h c.). Miniature Painting
Christopher Columbus at La Rabida, 1872. By F. Adam
SEBASTIANO del PIOMBO, Sebastiano Luciano, also
Map of Germany and current Netherlands. Theatrum Orbis Terra
John Law (1671 1729). Scottish economist. Dutch satirical
Spain. Catalonia. Barcelona. Las Ramblas and the Liceu opera
Saint John of God, 1883. Sculpture by Agapit Vallmitjana i B
Statute of Catalonia (1932)
ROBERT i YARZABAL, Bartomeu (1842-1902). Catalan
Armillary Sphere
Spain (20th c.). Catalonia
Saint Martin cutting his cloak. Middle 15th century
Metamorphoses 2-8 AD. Book I. Creation, Battle of the Giants
Alfonso II of Aragon and Alfonso VIII of Castile in the sieg
Dolmen of Pedracabana. Catalonia. Spain
Contract of sale
Catalan literature. 14th and 15th Centuries. Book of the Con
Catalan pharmacy pot (17th-18th c.). Ceramics
FERMAT, Pierre de (1601-1665). French lawyer
Urgell Beatus. 10th century
Altarpiece of Bellver de Cerdanya. Painted wood. 14th C. by
Roman coin. Asses. Bronze. 1st century BC. Mint of Iltirda
Romanesque Art. Catalonia. Altar frontal from the Virgin
Map of Central and South America. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum by
Jonathan Swift (1667 1745). Gullivers Travels, 1726. Illu
Roman mosaic depicting the Chi-Rho symbol with alpha and ome
Wooden tray. C. 48000 BC. fromr ockshelter of Abric Romani
PONIATOWSKI, Josef Antoni, Prince (1763-1813). Polish
Performance of the opera Norma by Vincenzo Bellini
Rebec, a string instrument. Made by Ignacio Gleta
Atlas Novus. Europe. Tartarians, 17th c
The Ferreres Aqueduct, Tarragona in Catalonia, Spain
Pere Serafi (1510-1567). Catalan painter and poet. Poetical
Terence (195-159 BC). Engraving. Colored
Medieval coins. Left: Diner quatern. Reign of Alfonso I of C
Spain. Catalonia. Province of Lleida. Templar castle of Gard
Roman period. Small jar for ointments. Lacrymatory. Glass. F
Mercury. Roman god of trade. (identified as the Greek Hermes
Bernat Martorell (1400-1452). John the Baptist and John the
Assarius. Reverse and adverse. Ibero-roman. Bronze. Mint of

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