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Canoe Gallery

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Wind in Willows / Grahame
Sea view of Accra, Ghana, Gold Coast, West Africa
Canoeist about to Canoe
Hiawatha / Longfellow
Henrys Fork, Snake River, Yellowstone, 1883
Mary Henrietta Kingsley, traveller and writer
Map of Hawaii, Pacific Ocean and surrounding areas
Peggy Prince
Peggy Prince
The Florida. 16th century. Timucua Indian village. Food tran
Racial / Iroquois Fishing
Native American Canoe
Outrigger canoe of Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
Boating on the River Thames, 1879
Canoe Surfing in Honolulu, Hawaii
The Rescue of Zaidi; H.M. Stanleys Anglo-American Expeditio
Hippopotamus attacking a canoe, South Africa, 1857
Stanleys Canoe Made
Landing stage at Rio Nunez (Nunez River) in Bok鬠Guinea
Rue du Commerce (Shopping street) in Port Said, Egypt
A Florida Canoe - Solomon Islands
Landing stage, Ashar Creek, Basra, Iraq
Double outrigger canoe
Boatmen on the sea on a traditional wood canoe
Pleasure boats, Japan
Boatmen on a tranquil lake, Japan
Nagara River, Gifu, central Japan
Customs of Native American peoples
Christopher Columbus on Hispaniola
Native American canoe travel, NW Canada
Double canoe of New Caledonia
Stilt houses in the ocean on Rawak Island
Hawaiian chief and wife, and masked warriors in a canoe
Marquesas Islanders in war pirogues or outrigger canoes
Natives of Easter Island or Rapa Nui
Natives of Tahiti on war canoes
View of Namuka island, Fiji
View of a longhouse in the bay of Palau island
Natives in an outrigger canoe, Dory harbour
Natives of the Admiralty Islands, Papua New Guinea
Maori war canoe in front of a pa on a rock
Mentawai people of Pagai, with tattoos, canoe and paddle
Various naval vessels of the Vietnamese
Imperial yacht and a Birman war-boat
Kwakiuti village on Johnston Strait, Vancouver Island
Egyptian fishing boats, rowboats and canoes on the Nile
Various boats including pahie, lifeboat, caracore, etc
General Store, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

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