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Cub Scouts taking part in Operation Shoeshine
Scottish Curling 1885
Advertisement for Morses distemper with a decorator lying flat while painting the walls
British gunners, Battle of the Somme, WW1
Japanese girl practising calligraphy
Trumpers Barbers - Mayfair, London
Two Horses and a Dachshund family
Boy / Hairdressers 1930S
Constantinople, Turkey - Chimney Sweep
At the Skating Carnival - Pretty lady reveller with a broom
They say cleanliness is next to Godliness - but I say its next to impossible
Farmers in grass coats, Japan
Green lady by William Barribal
Girl painting at table
Record Sleeve, Pinky and Perky
Advertisement for Louis Vuitton hairbrushes
Scottish Types - Curling, Clan Grant
Birthday card, Chimney Sweep Dog
A brush with the Bulgar - Scouts discover enemy, WW1
Thessaloniki, Greece - Bootblack
Advert for John Pound & Co dressing case 1912
Boy Scouts cleaning street sign, London
Asprey Christmas presents, 1926
Carroll / Alice & Gardener
Cover design, The Queen of the Pirate Isle
Perfuming probable prizewinners: dog show perfume, 1911
Cleaning Day, by Ethel Parkinson
Chimneysweep / Mayhew 1864
Alice / Lobster Dressing
Comic postcard, Woman in expensive underwear chats to cleaning lady Date
Alice in Wonderland, Alice and the gardeners
Hircocervus, goat-stag or horse-stag - The Trusty Servant
Fire companion set
Reg Carter, artist, in his studio, Southwold, Suffolk
Trade catalogue of mens shaving equipment 1911
Joe Twigg, hardware store owner, Eccles, Manchester
A maid-of-all-work sweeps a step, c. 1900
Prometheus shaving lamp - WWI
Following in fathers footsteps by George Studdy
Advertisement for Pebeco toothpaste
Comic Postcard - Improvements on Nature - Hair and Make-up (rouge, enamel, violet powder)
May Yohe as Phyllis in The Lady Slavey
Comic postcard, Woman at the seaside, being swept off her feet Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Maid and mistress Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Little girl scrubbing the front step Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Little girl with sweeping brush Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Little boy keeping fit Date: 20th century
Comic postcard, Woman, man and boat at the seaside Date: 20th century

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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