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Brooks Gallery

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Map of the St. Jamess & Bond Street areas of London
Sunday Sport - World War Two Bomber Found on Moon
Louise Brooks
Louise Brooks
Music cover, Thats Amore
Louise Brooks / Song Sheet
White-faced black Spanish
Silver-grey Dorking hen
Toulouse geese with dewlap, cock and hen
Silver spangled Hamburgh cock and hen
Rouen ducks
Rouen ducks
Frank Brooks (1854 - 1937), portrait painter. Date: 1902
Black East India ducks and black Cayuga ducks
Eleanor Brooks dancing with Ted Lewis and his
Ayam jallak, Malay game cock
White Dorking fowl
Minorca chickens, cock and hen, Gallus gallus domesticus
Andalusian chickens
Golden-pencilled Hamburghs
Brown leghorns or Livorno chickens
La Fleche breed of chickens
White-crested black Polish chickens
Plymouth Rock chickens
Black frizzled fowl, cock and hen
Sultan fowls, Gallus gallus domesticus
Japanese bantams, black bantams and Pekin bantams
Gold-laced bantam and silver-laced bantam cock and hen
Guinea fowls
Guinea fowls
Aylesbury ducks
Carolina ducks, Aix sponsa, and Mandarin ducks, Aix
Henny or hennie game birds
Houdan or Poule de Houdan cock and hen
Varieties of game bantams bred by W. F. Entwistle
Rose-combed Dorking cock
Wild American turkey cock, Meleagris gallopavo
Single-combed Dorking hen
Partridge cochin cock
Pile game, cock and hen
Brown-breasted red game birds
Black-breasted red game birds
Duck-winged game birds: Simon and Miss Etty
Silver Pencilled Hamburgh cock and hen
Silkie or Silky cock and hen
White leghorns or Livorno cock and hen
White cochin cock and hen
Malay cock and hen
Golden spangled Hamburgh cock and hen
Golden spangled Polish cock and hen
Black Hamburgh cock and hen

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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