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Boon Collection

Background imageBoon Collection: Aeolian Pianola Advertisement

Aeolian Pianola Advertisement
An illustrated advertisement for the Aeolian Co. Ltd. promoting the Pianola piano, a boon to the hostess. The image shows a young woman playing the Pianola to the enjoyment of some guests nearby

Background imageBoon Collection: Singapore - Tiger Balm Garden

Singapore - Tiger Balm Garden (Haw Par Villa theme park), built in 1937 Date: circa 1938

Background imageBoon Collection: Richard Attenborough as Percy Boon in London Belongs to Me

Richard Attenborough as Percy Boon in London Belongs to Me
British actor Richard Attenborough (1923-2014) as Percy Boon in the Individual picture London Belongs to Me (1948). - playing the role of a romantic-minded young garage mechanic. Date: 1948

Background imageBoon Collection: Harness electric corset - a boon to women of all ages

Harness electric corset - a boon to women of all ages
Mr C. B. Harness electric corset - a boon to women of all ages - The Medical Battery Co. Ltd - 52 Oxford Street, London (The Electropathic and Zander Institute). (3/3) Date: circa 1890s

Background imageBoon Collection: Eric Boon, boxer

Eric Boon, boxer
Eric Boon (1919-1981) was a British lightweight boxer, also nicknamed Boy Boon and Fen Tiger. At this time he was British Lightweight Champion. Date: 1939

Background imageBoon Collection: David Boon - Australian cricketer

David Boon - Australian cricketer Date: 1980s - 1990s

Background imageBoon Collection: SPECIAL THIMBLE

A boon to all bachelors who sew, this simple device, fitted to a thimble, makes it impossible to lose the needle, and saves time, temper and trouble. Date: 1930s

Background imageBoon Collection: Advert / Bile Beans 1906

Advert / Bile Beans 1906
Do you suffer from Indigestion and liver troubles? Take BILE BEANS for BILIOUSNESS - Every Bean a Boon! Date: 1906

Background imageBoon Collection: When Women Vote Sitting up Late

When Women Vote Sitting up Late. Husband sits up till gone midnight, waiting for his wife who has gone out on the town. Captions include Mother dear mother

Background imageBoon Collection: Hong Kong, China - The Tiger Pagoda

Hong Kong, China - The Tiger Pagoda
The 7-storey Tiger Pagoda, the highlight of the Tiger Balm Garden (Aw Boon Haw Garden), on the Tai Hang Road, Tai Hang, Wan Chai District, Hong Kong, opened in 1935

Background imageBoon Collection: Singapore - The Haw Par Villa

Singapore - The Haw Par Villa
Singapore - The magnificent seven-domed Haw Par Villa, a Chinese mythological theme park. The park, originally called " Tiger Balm Gardens"

Background imageBoon Collection: Phillipss Toilet Aquarius

Phillipss Toilet Aquarius
An advertisement from 1891 for Phillipss Toilet Aquarius, a new water container for wash stands muscular effort required

Background imageBoon Collection: Dr. Scotts electric corset

Dr. Scotts electric corset
Advertisement from 1886 for Dr. Scotts Electric Corset, considered a great boon for the delicate and able to cure all manner of ailments including palpitation, nervousness, hysteria

Background imageBoon Collection: Penny Post Envelope

Penny Post Envelope
A contemporary Penny Postage envelope - Britain ! Bestow this Boon and Be in Blessing Blest, Ocean Penny Postage will link all Lands with thee in Trade and Peace

Background imageBoon Collection: Fly-In Cafes

Fly-In Cafes
For the busy traveler, fly-in cafes are a boon - no need to quit your cockpit, the waiters deliver your order directly to your seat

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