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Bligh Collection

Background imageBligh Collection: Richard Rodney Bligh

Richard Rodney Bligh
Sir RICHARD RODNEY BLIGH Naval commander during the Napoleonic Wars, Admiral of the Blue Squadron. Date: 1737 - 1821

Background imageBligh Collection: H. M. s. Bounty

H. M. s. Bounty
A reconstruction of H.M.S. Bounty, famous for the mutiny of Fletcher Christian and the rest of the crew against Captain Bligh, in 1789

Background imageBligh Collection: John Macarthur

John Macarthur
A miniature portrait painting of the father of the wool industry in Australia, John Macarthur, 1767-1834. He was instrumental in organising a rebellion against the colonial government

Background imageBligh Collection: Jasmine Bligh, television announcer

Jasmine Bligh, television announcer
Jasmine Lydia Bligh (20 May 1913 21 July 1991), one of the first three BBC Television Service presenters in the 1930s. Along with Leslie Mitchell and Elizabeth Cowell

Background imageBligh Collection: Susan Bligh

Susan Bligh
Susan Rachel Bligh (1916-1983), daughter of Noel Bligh (son of the 8th Earl of Darnley) out in London in 1938. She worked as a mannequin (model)

Background imageBligh Collection: Film still from Mutiny On The Bounty

Film still from Mutiny On The Bounty
Mutiny On The Bounty, an M.G.M film about seafaring and romance, staring Charles Laughton and Clark Gable. The film still shows Charles Laughton as Bligh, with Burkitt (Donald Crisp) and Ellison

Background imageBligh Collection: Miss Susan Bligh as Calypso, by Madame Yevonde

Miss Susan Bligh as Calypso, by Madame Yevonde. Calypso played hostess to Ulysses when he was shipwrecked on her island. Susan Rachel Bligh (1916-1983)

Background imageBligh Collection: The Earl of Darnley, Vanity Fair, Spy

The Earl of Darnley, Vanity Fair, Spy
IVO FRANCIS WALTER BLIGH, 8th Earl of Darnley (1859-1927) Cricketer who captained England in the first ever Test series against Australia for the Ashes in 1882/83. Caption: Ivo Date: 1859 - 1927

Background imageBligh Collection: Captain Blighs House

Captain Blighs House
In this house, 100, Lambeth Walk, Lambeth, London, lived Captain William Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty fame

Background imageBligh Collection: F Bligh Bond

F Bligh Bond
FREDERICK BLIGH BOND psychic archeologist, editor &c, associated with doscoveries at Glastonbury

Background imageBligh Collection: Ivo Bligh / Eng Cricketer

Ivo Bligh / Eng Cricketer
IVO FRANCIS WALTER BLIGH 8th Earl of Darnley Led the English touring side to Australia in 1882, meeting his future wife in Melbourne

Background imageBligh Collection: Fruit / Breadfruit 1789

Fruit / Breadfruit 1789
Bread fruit taken onto H.M.S. Bounty by Captain Bligh

Background imageBligh Collection: Captain Bligh

Captain Bligh
WILLIAM BLIGH Naval officer; victim of the mutiny on the Bounty

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