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Bladder Gallery

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The carnival in the port of Spain, Trinidad
Macrocystis pyrifera, giant kelp
Anatomy of human internal organs
Fouberts surgical operation to remove a bladder stone
Codex Granatensis: Tacuinum Sanitatis. 1400. Folio
Medieval men inflating pig bladders, playing
Poison gooseberry, Withania somnifera
Senna, Senna alexandrina, and bladder senna
Bladder campion, Silene vulgaris
Bladder cherry or Chinese lantern, Physalis alkekengi
Knight, fool and girl, 16th century Germany
Siphonophorae hydrozoa
Siphonophora jellyfish colony
Siphonophorae hydrozoa: Porpema prunella and Porpita species
Moon snail and nautilus
Ambush bug and Chinese lantern plant
Surgical instruments to remove foreign bodies
Surgical chairs and instruments for a bladder
Chinese lantern, Physalis alkekengi
Bladder heath, Erica physodes
Bladder hibiscus, Hibiscus trionum
Bladder wrack, Fucus vesiculosus
Habitat of Aplecta Hypnorum (Moss Bladder Snail), Mahee Is
Illustration, Orthosiidae -- Hadenidae
Hibiscus africanus, bladder katmia
Casuarius bennetti, dwarf cassowary
Cystopteris diaphana, diaphanous bladder fern
Phasianus colchicus elegans, common pheasant
Pinus sylvestris, scots pine
Indian Water Carrier and his Bullock, India
Kidney & Bladder 18th C
Jesters (Smith)
Costume / Men / Jester 14C
Plants / Hibiscus Trionum
Front cover, La Baionnette, WW1
IBN BUTLAN, Abu-l Hasan al-Mujtar (c. 1001 - 1066)
Chrysolophus amherstiae, Lady Amhersts pheasant

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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