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Biplane Gallery

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Sopwith Camel
Sopwith Camel
Sopwith Camel 2F-1
1903 Wright Flyer on display in the Science Museum, London
Poster, Imperial Airways
British RAF aeroplanes in 1939 by G. H. Davis
Nieuport 11 Bebe in low-level flight
British bid for the Worlds non-stop flight record 1927
Poster design, Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd
Types of British Aircraft -- The Bristol Scout
A biplane and a steam train
Voisin Bird of Passage biplane
Departure from Ratmanala Aerodrome Colombo
Chanute Type Biplane Glider Hang-Glider of 1896
Fairey Swordfish I / 1 Floatplane
Fokker DR-1 V-3 Triplane
Fiat CR-20 BIS
Supermarine Walrus
Nieuport 11 Bebe, used by the Italian air force
Imperial Airways City of Manchester aircraft, Croydon
Chanute Type Biplane Glider Hang-Glider of 1898 Flying
Sopwith Camel F-1
Curtiss CR-3
Curtiss CR-3
de Havilland DH-83 Fox Moth
Avro 504K
Avro 504K
Santos Dumont No 14bis
Vickers Vernon RAF air ambulance
Aerial view of beach, Galveston, Texas, USA
Imperial Airlines Handley Page over London, Englad
Boulton Paul Overstrand Bomber - RAF
Captain Bertram Dickson on a Farman biplane
Chanute biplane glider
Coventry Ordinance Works Biplane Trials No 11
Royal Aircraft Factory FE 8 single-seat fighter plane
William George Barker, RFC pilot and air ace
Albatros C IX used by Manfred von Richthofen
De Havilland Tiger Moth British biplane
Advert, Rolls-Royce, Vickers Vimy biplane
Wright Flyer
Wright Flyer
Taking a ride over the Isle of Wight in an aeroplane
WW1 - Royal Air Force - Pilots and Observers mark targets
Duelling in cloudland, aerial fighting 1917
Programme cover, C W A Scotts First Flying For All Display
Airco DH 4 two-seater light bomber
The pilot (on his first balloon strafe), WW1
Pilot (experiencing Archie for the first time), WW1
Samuel Franklin Cody in his Circuit of Britain biplane
Blankenberge, Belgium - The Belgium Pier
Santos-Dumont Biplane 2

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