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Basalt Gallery

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Bamburgh Castle
The Giants Causeway
Basalt columns in Fingals Cave, Staffa
Basalt bomb
Basalt bomb
Microscope image of the Pasamonte eucrite
Syria. Damascus. Khan As ad Pasha, old caravanserai built 17
Relief depicting a war chariot. Orthostat. Basalt. 9th centu
Statue of a Assyrian King Shalmaneser III (858-824 BC)
Hittite art. Stele of King Bar-Rakib (744-727 BC) sitting o
Hittite art. Orthostat. 8th century BC. Relief: Hunting a li
Islam. Tombstone of al-Ghaliya, daughter of Abd al-Jabbar
Pre-Columbian Art. Aztec. Mexico. Seated Deity (Macuilxochit
Mangrove tree sapling
East of Ilot Gabriel island sea shore
Basalt columns, Real del Monte mine, Mexico
Obelisk, Thorshavn, Faroe Islands
English tourists on a boat near the basalt pillars
English tourist sketching the waterfall from Ossian s
English tourists watch fishermen opening pearl oysters
Basalt columns on a mountainside in Westphalia, Germany
View of the basalt columns of Giants Causeway
Egyptian gods and goddesses
Teapots, cream jugs and sucrier
Wedgwood chatelaine, vase and sword
Basalt vase for a lamp
Basalt portrait of Rousseau
Basalt portrait of Voltaire
Memorial vase in basalt with angel weeping over a tomb
Bust of young Roman general Germanicus
Bust of the Egyptian idol Canopus, god of water
Statue of the Egyptian goddess Isis with
Basalt cliffs in Mexico
Native American fishing boats in front of New Eddystone Rock
Geological sections and plan of a coal mine
Climbing the Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland
Neo-Hittite hieroglyphic Inscription from Carchemish, Syria
Door. Basalt. Tiberias. Roman period. 2nd-3rd century AD
Indurated lias, Shale in Basalt, in rock structure in Portru
Weathered Basalt, Whitehead, Co. Antrim
Breaking Basalt for Road Metal, Co. Antrim
Basalt Dyke in Silurian Shales, Glasdrummond Co. Down
Block statue of Harsomtusemhat (664-610 B.C.). Basalt. Lower
Basalt caryatids guarding the temple of Tell Halaf. Syria
Bull. Basalt. Syria
Sphinx and a lion in relief. Basalt. Syria
Neo-Hittite. Colossal basalt lion found in 1955. Ain Dara Te
Sphinx. Basalt. Syria
Relief depicting a banquet and males walking. Orthostat. Bas

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