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Mount Lebanese man wearing turban, cloak, carrying a spear
Girl from the Himalayan mountains playing with a parrot
Man of Lahore (Punjab) in black suit, turban
Ainu man, north Japan, fishing with a rod
Japanese infantry musicians, one beating a drum (taiko)
Indian musician in dhoti and necklace playing the pennak
Japanese fishermans family
Young girl, with tattoos from Nuku Hiva island
Japanese soldier wearing a helmet, kimono, leggings, sandals
Japanese cavalryman with tunic over pantaloons
Japanese soldier wearing helmet, jacket, short
Japanese ensign carrying a standard, and umbrella bearer
Japanese shogun, wearing helmet, kamishimo
Japanese woman in kimono and obi, holding a feather fan
Japanese nobleman in chonmage, kamishimo, kimono and hakama
Kurdish man wearing a distinctive hat, tunic and pantaloons
Druze woman of Lebanon wearing a tantour headdress
Man from Mardin, Turkey, in embroidered scarf, cape, boots
Arabian merchant with tattoos in turban, striped
Arabian nobleman in hat, cloak, embroidered
Arabian girl in hat, striped dress, animal
Kalmyk man with spear, bow, and quiver of arrows
Aleutian man in helmet, long coat and boots
Portraits of two Kamtchadal women
Kamtchadal family with man in hooded coat
Koryak man in fur-lined hat and coat, holding a cudgel
Yakut woman wearing earrings, fur-lined coat
Tatar family from Kazan, the man firing a musket
Yakut man wearing a fur-lined coat, with spear
Nenets man wearing fur clothes, shirt with hood, snow shoes
Kyrgyz man in tall hat, coat over boots, carrying a musket
Tatar woman from Tomsk, Siberia, in headress and cape
Armenian merchant in hat, jacket, pantaloons
Kabard prince, Circassian, wearing helmet
Circassian man carrying a musket, curved sword
Prince of Imereti, Georgia, with musket and scimitar
Circassian man in helmet, carrying a musket
Mingrelian man in hat, tunic over trousers, carrying baskets
Georgian woman wearing headdress with veil
Man from Bukhara, Uzbekistan, in turban, cloak
Persian woman in burqa with window veil, pantaloons
Persian noble woman in jeweled turban smoking a hookah pipe
Persian man in fur hat and jacket, carrying
Persian bombardier firing a cannon mounted
Persian mullah or priest in turban, embroidered cape
Shah of Persia with long beard and elaborately
Afghan soldier from Herat in turban, robes
Persian nobleman in fur hat, fur-lined coat with frogging

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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