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Attica Gallery

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Spetses, Greece -The Poseidon Hotel
GREECE. ATTICA. Athens. Acropolis. Parthenon
Greece. Athens. Parthenon. Head of horse from the chariot of
Parthenon. Athens. Greece
Church of Agios Nikolaos. Aegina. Greece
THEMIS statue, goddess of justice. Greece. IV century B.C
GREECE. Daphni. Dapni Monastery. Christ Pantocrator
Upper part of the marble stele (grave marker) of Kallidemos
Statue of Discobolus in front the Panathenaic Stadium (Kalli
Warrior head. Mycenaean art
Coin with Pericles
Greek athletes competing in the martial art of Pankration
Greek Hydria depicting an auletris, two dancers playing
Greek art. 5th century BC. Classic period. Stamnos. Red figu
Greece. Athens. Parthenon West Pediment. Figure of Hermes. A
Detail of the masks of a votive stele. 4th century BC
Votive stele depicting a sacrificial procession to Dionysus
Greek art. Grave relief of Paramythion with a vase for weddi
Amphiaraus in a chariot race. 4th century BC. Greece
Berlin Goddess. 580-560 BC. From Keratea
The Biel Throne. Marble. 140-143 AD
Greek art. Greece. Terracotta neck amphora. 7th century BC
Aphaea Temple. Greece
Part of the Trophy Column. 5th century BC. Archaeological Mu
Temple of Aphaia. Greece
Greece. Tumulus of Marathon
Marble statuette of Dionysos. 3rd century BC. Metropolitan M
Grrek Art. Kore by Aristion. VI century B.C
Gold Rython. 16th C. BC. Object found in the Fourth
Silver Rython. Mycenaean art. Jewelry. GREECE. ATTICA
GREECE. Daphni. Dapni Monastery. Nativity (early
GREECE. Daphni. Dapni Monastery. View of the church
Parthenon. Pediment. Greek art
Parthenon pediment.. Figure of Dionysus
Greece. Athens. Acropolis. Parthenon
Greece. Athens. Acropolis. Erechtheum
Farewell Stelae. Classical Greek art
British retreat from Thermopylae to Athens by G. H. Davis
Elevsis, Greece - Marble Sarcophagus
GREECE. Athens. Acropolis. Parthenon, Propylaea
GREECE. ATTICA. Athens. Acropolis. Theatre of
Bust of adolescent. 98-117. Roman art. Early
Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympeion). 174 BC
Odeon of Herodus Atticus. ca. 161 BC. GREECE

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