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Attic Gallery

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Marble statue of Hermes by Praxiteles I
Sara Crewe / Becky / Maid
Athena fighting between Hector and Achilles
LA Boheme / Puccini / I
Sphinx of Naxos
Upper part of the marble stele (grave marker) of Kallidemos
Attic, Doric and Ionic features from Greek architecture
Plan and elevation of a Gothic conservatory
Astronomer looking at the sky from an attic room
Music cover, The Artists Life
Expectant Wife
Aeschines (389-314 BC). Greek statesman. Bust
Isokrates (436-338 BC). Bust
Greek art. Relief of a priest or dignitary. 5th Century BC
A Little Princess / Burnet
Gustave Charpentier
Woman reading in a French attic bedroom
ISOCRATES (436-338 BC). Ancient Greek rhetorician
GAUDI, Antoni. Bellesguard
Attic cup with. warship
Women on upper floor where an escape took place
The Candid Friend by Bruce Bairnsfather
Archaic Greek art - the New York kouros
Brygos (end 5th century BC). Attic Kylix with
Attic black-figured cup
Attic Alabastron. Hellenistic
Satyr. Fragment of An
Pyxis. Corinthian Style. Black-Figured
Boy in bed
Boy in bed
Illustrations for Beauty and the Beast
Statue by Praxiteles of Athens
Kingsleys Staircase
Dormer Window
Dormer Window
The Sleeping Beauty by Lilian Govey
Sempstresses in Attic
Woman suffering the effects of poverty, South Wales
Servants Washing Line
A Charity Visit 1854
Sara Crewe / Princess / C20
Actorly Speciment 1790
Amorous Gesture 1790
Sherlock Holmes / Watson
Thomas Chatterton
Cinderella by Arthur Rackham
Christmas Day in the Workhouse
Tessyman family, seaweed farmers, Dartmouth, Devon
GAUDI i CORNET, Antoni (1852-1926). Milࠈouse or
Dicky and Dolly

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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