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Attempting Gallery

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Ginger for Pluck by Cecil Aldin
Cartoon, Royal Bird Catchers
Arsenal vs. Stoke, Highbury, 1928
JEFFREYS (1648 - 1689)
Bedlam Patient Nicholson
Slightly Tipsy Rakish Cad attempting to play billiards
Parry Thomas, motor racing driver, at the wheel of Babs
Hanriot HD-1 flown by Charles Nungesser
Souvenir Medal to the pioneers of Transatlantic Flight
Anti-Suffrage Cartoon 1912 Demonstration
Startling Stories - Wings of Icarus
1879 / Afghan Accident
Gertrude Ederle channel swim attempt with jazz band
Capitaine Saint-Roman
Francois L hoste
Ufos / Mantell / Godman
Aucklands advance from its battalion headquarters
Well, Au Reservoir, Monsieur. - Engishman abroad
Friedrich 1 Drowns
The joys of attempting the impossible
Russian businessman talking to two workmen attempting to rep
Boys Helping Glider
Guy Fawkes House
Lion Cub Aldin 1907
What Next by Cathinca Amyot
The sinking of HMHS Rohila
German Bomber Shot Down over Victoria; Second World War, 194
Ginger the dog attempting to board the ship, British Arctic
American Aircraft attacking German Vehicles, Falaise; Second
General Stuarts Headquarters; American Civil War, 1864
French Suffragettes in Paris, 1936
Attempting Clairvoyance
New Zealand troops marching to a memorial service in Westmin
The Great Fire in Clerkenwell
Alighting & Boarding
Snowy London
Snowy London
Mr Popple and the Widow
Battle of Magenta / 1859
Rus / Jap War: Spy Caught
Events / Ireland 1844
O connell Released
Amundsen / Airship Norge
Russians Cross Lake
Capture of Robert / 1106
Getting Used to Flight2
Bladud, King of England
India / Sikh War / Multan
Georgy Porgy
Georgy Porgy
Suffragette Card Game PANKO Artwork
Suffragette Arson St. Leonards
Henry Segrave
Henry Segrave
A man, wearing a large conical hat and a straw or feather ga

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