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Atrium Gallery

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Diagram of the heart, lungs and windpipe
Elevation and floor plan of a house in Pompeii
The new baths and atrium at Deauville
Atrium of the Basilica di Sant Ambrogio, Milan, 1800s
View of the city of Athens, Greece, 1842
View of the tablinum in the house of Lucius
Mural from an atrium in the House of Tryptolemus
Allegorical figure of Spring from the west
Allegorical figure of summer with sickle and wheat
Wall paintings from rooms in the House of
Three angels hosted by Abraham. Bible scene. Mosaic, 13th c
Italy. Pompeii. Villa of Diomedes. Atrium-peristyle
Roman art. Italy. Pompeii. House of Octavius Quartio Atrium
Italy. Pompeii. The House of the Faun. 2nd century BC
House of Lucius Ceius Secondus or House of the Ceii. Tetras
Italy. Pompeii. The House of Adonis. Atrium
Germany. Berlin. Dome of the Sony Center by German architect
Italy. Cremona Cathedral. Main facade
Spain. The Four Evangelists. Fresco
House of the Vestal Virgins. Rome. Italy
Croatia. Dubrovnik. Rectors Palace
Spain. Aragon. Alcaniz. Calatravos Castle
Murals and ceilings from different houses in Pompeii
Atrium in Le Grand Cercle (Grand Casino) Aix Le Bains
Spain. Matar󮠒oman Catalonia
Pompeii - Italy - Casa del Fauno
The Atrium in the Earth Galleries
Visions of the Earth
The Earth Galleries
Earth Gallery, Natural History Museum, London
Bacchus and Vesuvius. 68 - 79. Painting of the
Basilica of St Jesus Christ Blessing
Casino entrance, atrium, Monte Carlo, Riviera
Monte Carlo Casino
Pompeii: casa Di Ariadne
Roman Family in Villa
The Rotunda of Saint Thomas, Lombardy, 1823
Pompeii - Atrium Restored

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