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Asiaticcostumes Gallery

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Barburdar, punkah wallah or fan bearer
Indian nobleman on a palanquin on an elephant
Musician playing the saringee (Indian violin)
Indian man playing the tumboora (guitar)
Nautch girl or singing girl, India
Indian woman playing the tumboora (guitar)
Shaprasse or porter
Chob-dar or mace bearer
Hoqqu-burdar or pipe bearer
Barburdar or Indian steward
Khidmutgar or fly flapper
Khidmutgar or waiter
Nautch girl or dancing girl, India
Moonshee, pundit or interpreter
European woman in a tonjon
Indian lady in her curtained palkee (palanquin)
Sepoy, sipahee or native Indian soldier
Ryot or Indian ploughman
Indian musician with tabla drums
Doodhwala or Indian milkman
Bihishtee or Indian water carrier
Nautch girl or singing girl, Bengal, India
Native of Bengal selling sweetmeats
Indian woman preparing thread for the loom
Indian gardener in jacket and turban of white cotton
Indian girl stringing flowers for wreaths
Dace or ayah, Indian nurse, with European child
Chhata wala or umbrella carrier
Surcar or Indian agent
Indian musician playing the cymbals
Burmese woman with umbrella
Indian musician with khol drum
Burmese man with cheroot (cigar)
Fakir or fukeer, begging friar
Fakir or fukeer, enthusiast
Fakir or fuqeer, begging friar
Brahmin caste of Hindu
Dauk wala or Indian postman, in uniform, turban
Suntoo-burdar, hurkaru or Indian running footman
Bhugtee or dancing boy, India

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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