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FABRITIUS, Carel (1622-1654). The Goldfinch. ca
Garden Paintings from the so-called Villa of Livia
Bust of goddess Tanit. Carthaginian art. Sculpture
Concert of Collegium. Musicum of Jena
STEINLEN, Th鯰hile A.. Tourn饠du Chat Noir
Consegration of a bishop. Valencian School. 15 century
Banquet scene in the Egyptian Hall at Mansion House
Stela of the royal scribe Ani. Egyptian art. New
RIVERA, Diego (1886-1957). Totonaca Civilization
Claude Lorrain (1600-1682). View of Delphi with
RANC, Jean. Charles III as a Child
Mexico. Uxmal. Pyramid of the Magician
GUTIERREZ SOLANA, Jos鮠Still life with a bottle
Giza. Great Sphinx and. Great Pyramid of Giza
Warrior. Inca art. Relief. PERU. Lima. National
Arabian flat astrolabe from 10th century. ITALY
Disembarkation of the Spanish at Veracruz. 1951
Gold nose ring. Chibcha art. Jewelry. COLOMBIA
Raphael (1483-1520). Portrait of a lady. Renaissance
Tanzania. Kondoa Irangi. Koro rock paintings
Scythian shield
Mexico City. Quetzalcoatl Snake
Libya. Leptis Magna. Archaeology
GUTIERREZ SOLANA, Jos鮠Women Undressing
Helmet of King Meskalamdug. Sumerian art
France. Amiens. Cathedral of Our Lady
Planes (1940). Wax drawing by Henry Moore. Drawing
Etruscan throne. 8th c.-3rd c. BC. Etruscan art
Table clock (16th c.). Renaissance art. Jewelry
Leda and Swan, fragment of sculpture from Anhas
Mercury. 3rd century. Roman art. Mosaic. SPAIN
Peter I The Just (1320-1367). King of Portugal
Chi Rho. Paleo-christian art. Relief on rock. SPAIN
Bull (2500-2000 BC). Hittite art. Sculpture. TURKEY
RODIN, Auguste (1840-1917). The Thinker. 1902. Based
Replica of the Mayan wall paintings placed in Bonampak
Medici porcelain. Three grotesque-style spouts
Vessel (4th c.). Roman art. Late Empire. Glass
PAUDISS, Cristopher (1630-1666). Still Life. 1660
Egyptian ship on the Nile. Egyptian art. Painting
Roman as with a representation of the god Janus
Hagia Triada Sarcophagus. ca. 1450 BC - 1400 BC
GREECE. Mistra. Monastery of Pantanassa. Pantanassa
War mask pongdudu, made by Boa people (Congo). Used
RIVERA, Diego. The Painters Studio
MONDRIAN, Piet. Windmill
Mexico. Villahermosa. Cultura Olmeca
Iran. Persepolis. Apadana

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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