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Artemis Gallery

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Artemis / Diana
Iphigenia in Tauris
Diana the Huntress - with Attendants and Borzois
Diana and Panther
Buildings / Seven Wonders
Pergamon Altar. Artemis and Leto fighting against Otos
Ionic capital. Temple of Artemis Leucophryene. 3rd-2nd centu
Greek Art. Greece. Artemis statue carved in Parian marble
Artemis, goddess of hunting
Diana and Callisto, 1676, by Johann Spillenberger (1628-1679
Parthenon. East Pediment. Acropolis, Athens. 438-432 BC. Bri
Artemis. Sculpture. 1st century AD. Roman work after Greek o
Greek art. Siphnish Treasury. Frieze sculpture. Ionic style
PARMIGIANINO, Francesco Mazzola, called Il (1503-1540)
Ancient goddesses from antique vases
Ceremonial dance for Artemis or Diana
Statue of Zeus at Olympia and the Temple of Artemis
Artemis - Murrays Cabaret Club costume design
Fragment of a Krater. Italy 30-20 BC. Marble. Artemis
Evening gown and fur coat
Apollo and Artemis slaying the children of Niobe. Roman. 1st
A mountain valley with Diana and her nymphs by Jan Tilens (1
Sculpture. The ancient torso (Artemis statue). Was restored
Detail of the masks of a votive stele. 4th century BC
Votive stele depicting a sacrificial procession to Dionysus
Greek art. Offering to Artemis Bendis. Piraeus. 329-328 B.C
Statue of the goddess Artemis, perhaps Artemis Bendis wearin
Greekk. Sparta. Acropolis. Ruins of Artemision. Detail
Iberian art. Artemis. Ibero-Roman sculpture. Catalonia. Spai
Marble column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis. Metropol
Artemis. Huntress goddess
Sparta. Acropolis. The Artemision
7 Wonders / Diana / Calmet
ITALY. Pompeii. Temple of Apollo. Statue of Diana
Atlas Novus, 17th c.. Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
Great Temple at Jerash (Gerasa), Jordan, Holy Land
Propylaeum at Jerash (Gerasa), Jordan, Holy Land
Advert for Gorringes: womens animal scarves 1930
Advert for Artemis fashion furs 1930
7 Wonders / Diana / Parr
Black-figure vase. Detail with Dyonisus and Leto
Alcamenes (5th C
Peasants into Frogs
Arethusa to a Fountain
Artemis Temple, Jerash
Temple of Diana - Nimes
Oeneus, King of Calydon
7 Wonders / Diana / Picart
Herakles and the Hind
Buildings / 7 Wonders
Iphigenia at Aulis
Diana of the Ephesians
7 Wonders / Diana / Sargent
7 Wonders / Diana / Won.Mus
Artemis / Diana / Tookes P
Base of a column with a sacrifice scene
Pergamon Altar. Hecate fighting against the giant Klytios ne
Pediment and frieze from the treasury of the

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