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Nelsons flagship HMS Victory by G. H. Davis
Napoleonic Wars. Cuirassier. French Army. Heavy cavalry. Eng
Bristol 156 Beaufighter -flown by Coastal Command with
Officer, 1st Royal Regiment of Dragoons
Prehistory. Paleolithic. Hunters manufacturing weapons
Crimean War (1853-1856). Siege of Sevastopol, 1854-1855, by
Heinkel He 177 -a close up of the heavy tail armament o
Carolingian Empire (s. VIII). Duel Scene between
Hawker Hunter FGA.74 505
World War II battle for Senio River in Italy, a flamethrower
United States Army Air Force Douglas C-47-DL Skytrain
Catapult used by Roman army during its military campaigns
Focke Wulf FW 190A-8 R1 -this (on the ground) support v
CURRIER and IVES. Capturing the whale. Litography
RICHARD I of England, called the Lion-Heart (1157-1199)
Suggested design for warship by G. H. Davis
English Electric Canberra B.2 WV787
WW II Liberator bomber exploding Germany, 1944
WW II - Britiash airborne troops east of River Rhine, Germa
WW II - US Airforce crew return to USA - Monotonous Maggie
Stirling Bombers Stirling Bombers
Bell QF-63G-1-BE Kingcobra Pinball 45-57295
USAF - Northrop F-89D-5-NO Scorpion 51-0415
MASS Air National Guard - Lockheed YF-94B Starfire 51-5500
Heston Type 1 Phoenix G-AESV
Royal Air Force Captured Messerschmitt Me 410A-3 TF209
North American Harvard II KF183
Buccaneer at Greenham Common
North American P-51B Mustang 3
Austria. Vienna. World Exposition, 1873. Krupp Pavilion
Canyon. Budapest. Hungary
Cannon. Budapest. Hungary
Cannon on the wall. Dubrovnik. Croatia
Perforated Battle-Axes. Nordic areas. (2900-2450 / 2350 BC)
Pistol of flint stone. 18th century. Spain
The Second soviet Occupation (1944-1991). Large areas of Lat
History. World War II. Latvia. Bullets found in the field of
Firearm.16th-17th centuries
Shotgun. 17th century
Armament. Modern Age. Gun. 16th century
Arbalest with ivory inlay. 16thA?i?17th century
Projectile. Cannonballs. Modern Age. Artillery. 16th century
Ancient pistols. 18th century. Colored engraving
Crossbow hunting of Emperor Maximilian I. 16th century
Cannon. Engraving
Iron cannon. Late 18th century. Colored engraving
Musketeer of the Infantry of Louis XIV with his musket. 18th
Musketeer of the Infantry of Louis XIV blowing the fuse of t

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