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Argus Gallery

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Sopwith 1 1 / 2 Strutter F2211 flown by Lt Col R Bell Davies
WW1 - Aircraft Carrier - HMS Argus - Camouflaged
Bombardment of Kagoshima
Penelope Embroidering
Argus - Firefly class - broad gauge locomotive of the GWR
British crew from HMS Pelican boarding and capturing the American brig, USS Argus
Rainbow wrasse, argus wrasse, brown meagre, and shi drum
Great argus pheasant, Argusianus argus
Scotch Argus butterfly, Erebia aethiops (Papilio blandina)
Jamaican laughing frog, Osteopilus ocellatus
Peacock flounder, Bothus lunatus
Eyed cowry and lynx cowry
Scotch argus, large ringlet, autumn ringlet and Arran brown
Great argus, golden pheasant and helmeted guineafowl
Varieties of blue butterflies
Exotic moths including Eustera brachyura
Carpet python, scarlet snake, and red-bellied black snake
Morane-Saulnier MS.500 Criquet G-AZMH
Royal Canadian Air Force - Canadair CL-28 Argus Mk.1 20718
Fairchild 24W Argus CF-FXU
Argus at Greenham Common
Greenmarket Square, Cape Town, South Africa
Maitos, Dardanelles, with HMS Argus and Ark Royal
Native boy reading Cape Argus newspaper, South Africa
Ladies hats 1919
Illustration, Lycaenidae
Unknown or extinct species of grouper fish, Anthias argus
Captain H L St J Fancourt and Lt-Cdr A S McTurk
HMS Argus (I49) in habour in 1918, painted in camouflage
The first Canadair CL-28 Argus 20710
The Perilous Situation of Major Money
Argusianus argus, great argus
Erebia aethiops, scotch argus butterfly
Argusianus argus grayi, great argus
Mercury and Argus
Various advertisements
HMS Argus aircraft carrier, WW1
Biplane coming in to land on HMS Argus, WW1
Biplane landing on HMS Argus, WW1
Advertisement for Andre Gillier stockings
Peacock design in an advertisement for stockings
Mercury Slays Argus
Argus Pheasants
Argus Pheasant
Building the Argo
SNCAN Nord 1002 Pingouin II G-ATBG
Great argus, Argusianus argus
A Sopwith Pup with early arrester gear during deck-landing
A collection of birds feathers
Collection of birds feathers

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