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Architrave Gallery

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Temple of Vesta. Rome. Italy
Parthenon. Athens. Greece
Fountain Perseia. Mycenae
Cyclopean walls. Lions gate. Butrint. Republic of Albania
Spain. Avila. Los Cuatro Postes (The Four Posts). 16th centu
Greece. Delphi. The Athenian Treasury. 510 to 480 B.C
Hieroglyphic writing of the tomb of Nykaiankh. Egypt
The Propylaea, entrance to the Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Elder Sister and younger siblings - Christmas morning
Egypt. Giza. Khafres Valley Temple. Pink granite and alabas
Neried Monument. Classical Period Lycia. Kinik, Antalya prov
Hieroglyphic writing. Architrave. Tomb of Nykaiankh. 5th Dy
Italy. Pompeii. Villa of Diomedes. Atrium-peristyle
Greek art. Turkey. Pergamon. Temple of Trajan. Turkey
Egyptian Art. Temple of Kom Ombo. Papyrus columns
Hadrians Villa. 2nd century. Hall with Doric Pillars. Italy
Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion. 444-440 B.C
Greece. Athens. Propylaea. Monumental entrance to the sacred
Italy. Sicily. Agrigento. Valley of the Temples. Temple of C
Italy. Paestum. Temple of Athena or Ceres
Italy. Paestum. Temple of Neptune
Greek Art. Temple of Hera (Temple E). 460-450 B.C. the East
Italy. Pompeii. Temple of Apollo. Doric architrave
Italy. Pompeii. The House of Loreius Tiburtinus. Aedicula wi
Spain. Madrid. Pediment of the Congress of Deputies by the S
Greek art. Turkey. Pergamon. Temple of Hadrian. Turkey
Roman art. Syria. Palmyra. Decumanus (avenue). Ruins. 3rd c
Syria. Palmyra. Baths of Diocletian. 4th century AD. Ruins
Italy. Paestum. Temple of Hera, built around 460450 BC. Arc
Germany. Berlin. State Opera. Facade
Propylaea of A?a?A?a?the Sanctuary of Athena. Pergamon. De
Temple of Poseidon. Paestum
Temple of Athena. Paestum
Roman Art. Spain. Temple of Augustus. Barcelona. Catalonia
Italy. Rome. Temple of Saturn
Greek Art. The Philippeion. 4th century B.C
Albania. Ruins of Apollonia
Temple of Aphaia. Greece
Temple of Apollo. Corinth. Greece
Temple of Romulus. Bronze door. Roman Forum. Rome. Italy
Greek art. Selinunte Acropolis. Temple C
Roman art. Pompeii. Forum
Apamea. Cardo Maximus. Syria
Temple of Luxor. Columns
Temple of Luxor. First courtyard called the Ramses II
Temple of Luxor. Colonnade with two rows of seven smooth sha
Temple of Luxor. Smooth shaft columns with closed papyrus ca
SYRIA. APAMEA (Afamia). Architrave of the colonnade in Cardo

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