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Archers Gallery

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Battle of Tours or Battle of Poitiers. Octuber 732. Miniatur
Syrian war chariot with sickles mounted
Archers on horseback, Central Asia
Ladies Meeting of the Toxophilite Society, Regents Park
Norman Knight & Archers
Indian war elephant with soldiers and archers
The Archery Club, St. Johns Collge, Oxford University
Captain General of the Royal Archers and Life Guards
Fifth Carriage of the Royal Household in Queen Victoria s
Oak hook-tip and barred hook-tip
Argentine, flame brocade and archers dart
Clostera anastomosis and Nudaria mundana
Queen inspecting her Scottish bodyguard
Siege of a medieval castle
Norman musical instruments and a siege
Vase with reliefs of the nine Muses, nymphs
Pavisors and a moveable tower besieging a castle
Soldiers and artillery gunners in a castle
Chinese and Tartar infantry
Chieftains of various Florida Native American
Garde du Corps du Roi, Compagnie Ecossaise
Guillaume Lemay, captain of the 26 Archers
Boy practising archery in a wood
Women Archers - Kent vs. Surrey at Beddington, Surrey
Modern Amazons - Women Archers
Women competitors at Ranelagh, Dublin, playing in a competition. Date: 1909
San Bushmen rock painting, Lesotho, Southern Africa
King Edward I brandishing the javelin
Auxiliary Territorial Service archers
Soldiers of the army of King James I (1208-1276). Infantry a
Relief depicting a siege of a city. Nimrud
The caravan of Dr. Livingstone found a group of armed native
Traditional Japanese Archery Contest (and Contestants)
Military costume: archers and crossbowman in 1312
Robin Hood by Henry Hamilton & William Devereux
Three archers, Japan
Sir William Wood
Sketch of Archers PH, Romford, Essex
Royal Volunteer Review, Edinburgh - King Edward VII
Nereid Monument. Classical period Lycia. Turkey. Soldiers. P
Brixen Thousand Year Festival, Tyrol, Austria

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Prints, Framed, Posters, Cards, Puzzles, Canvas, Fine Art, Mounted, Housewares, Metal...

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