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Bayeux Tapestry. 1066-1077. Scene of the Battle
Bust of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (121-180 AD)
Bayeux Tapestry. 1066-1077. Battle of Hastings
Tapestry of Bayeux. The complete tapestry depicts
Minoan art. Crete. Prince of the Lilies
Greek Art. Greece. 4th century BCE. Bronze statue of a youun
Asclepius. 4th c. BC. Classical Greek art. Sculpture
Bayeux Tapestry. 1066-1077. Making a boat. Romanesque
MOSTAERT, Jan (1470-1556). Ecce Homo. 1st half
Book of the Deads. 651 -525 BC. Papyrus. Egyptian
Sussex Archaeological Society Meeting at Amberley Castle, 18
Audience of Darius I. Persian art
Phaistos Disc. s.XV BC. GREECE. Phaistos. A side
Zeus Meilichios depicted as a snake and a family of supplica
Athens. Panoramic view of the Acropolis. Parthenon
Palaeanthropus of Palestine
Catalhoyuk (Catal Hoyuk and Catal Huyuk) - a very large Neolithic
Gold, Silver, Lapis and Obsidian in the Splendid Swords of the Kings - The Royal Treasure
Roman mosaic of the Muses. 3rd-4th century AD. Torre de Palm
Mycenaean art. Greece. Silver rhyton as head of a bull with
Ares and Aphrodite. Greek art
Roman art. Statue of a young athlete. National Archaeologica
Ancient Egyptian. God Bes
Monolithic stele from Tiwanaku, La Paz, Bolivia
Sarcophagus. Marble. Tel Mevorah. Battle between Amazons
Kadesh Treaty, 1269 BC. Egyptian-Hittite Peace Treaty. Terra
Parthenon. Athens. Greece
Athens. Panoramic view of the Acropolis at night
PRAXITELES (flourished 370, -330 BC). Hermes
Fossil molar of Nebraska man
Tile mosaic depicting some fish. Roman art. Early
Egyptian Dress / Vionnet
Meeting of archaeological institute, Winchester
Ostia Antica. Theater. Italy
Acrobat. Minoian art
Dolmen of Pedracabana. Catalonia. Spain
Fur Trimmed Wrap 1928
Pithos (plural - pithoi) - a large ancient Greek storage container
The Golden Man, Saka warrior of south-eastern Kazakhstan
Diagram of the lead and zinc mine in Broken Hill, Northern Rhodesia (now Kabwe, Zambia)
Anthropomorphic stone stelae. Yamna Culture. 36th-23rd centu
Spain. Aliseda Treasury. 7th century BC
Minoan Art. La Parisienne or the Minoan Lady
Illyrian writing engraved on stone. 2nd century BC. From Du
Minoan Art. The Hagia Triada Sarcophagus. Painted with scene
Minoan Art. Crete. The younger snake goddess, from the palac
Art greek. Archaic. Amphora of Melos. 7th BC century. Nation
Minoan art. Greece. 16th century B.C. Fresco of boxing kids

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