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Apr16 Gallery

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Annie Peck masked and dressed for climbing
Centre of the promenade, Parkgate, Wirral, Cheshire
London - St. Georges Hospital, Hyde Park Corner
Marie Curie - Nobel Prize-winning Polish Scientist
Majorca, Spain - Town of Soller and the Puig Major
Portrait of William Shakespeare - English Playwright and poet
The Coronation Chair with the Stone of Scone
Noel Coward by Sirra
Florence Nightingale - Pioneer of Nursing Techniques
NWFP - Khyber Pass - Supplies taken to Fort Maud
Meeting of archaeological institute, Winchester
Sir John Soanes Museum - Bust over the Sarcophagus
The late Charles Darwin
London - St. Magnus the Martyr from Fish Street Hill
Sergei Prokofiev
Ida Rubinstein as Cleopatra
Off the Point de la Vieille at Monte Carlo, water skiing
Doris Duke at Baileys Beach, Newport
Sudan - Three Sudanese Women
Sudan - Dinka Porters
Mao Zedong - founding father of Peoples Republic of China
Yemeni Delegation - Official Visit to Naples, Italy
Princess Augusta Wilhelmina Louisa, Duchess of Cambridge
Turco-Italian War - on the way to Tripoli by Matania
Sphere front cover - Treasure Island at the Strand Theatre
George V, Queen Mary & Prince of Wales by Matania
The Gold Coast section at the Wembley exhibition, Matania
Elephants pull steam roller & motors for Amir of Afghanistan
Reconstructing Ancient Pompeii by Fortunino Matania
Sketches at the Royal Tournament
Princess Sophie Chotek, Duchess of Hohenberg
Fortunino Matania - Sphere artist at Cowes
Chez Vous, Venice Lido by Fortunino Matania
Great Queens of the Past No 1 - Nefertiti
Great Queens of the Past No 2 - Semiramis of Nineveh
Bathing in the Ganges by Fortunino Matania
Indian musician plays noseflute and bagpipes simultaneously
Science Jottings by Dr W. Heath Robinson II
Little girl in fancy dress - HP Sauce costume
Fancy Dress - the Entente Cordiale
Mary Henniker-Heaton in fancy dress as Egypt
Entertainment at Monte Carlo beach by Matania
The Hotel de Paris at Bray
Zagazig - Egypt - Railway Station Interior
Sudan - Sudanese Woman performing the Wind Dance
Buildings in Sawakin (Suakin) - north-eastern Sudan
Waiting in a queue for the royal courts by Matania
The Sphere cover - RAF Display at Hendon by Matania

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