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Approves Collection

Background imageApproves Collection: Paris Ecaillere 18C

Paris Ecaillere 18C
A Frenchman treats himself to an oyster on the streets of Paris while the ecaillere watches to see whether he approves it

Background imageApproves Collection: The Egyptian Midwives

The Egyptian Midwives
Pharaoh, jealous of the Hebrews, orders the midwives to smother any male Hebrew child they deliver; but they refuse, and God approves their action

Background imageApproves Collection: The Chocolate Soldiers, Chumpie Gets Married

The Chocolate Soldiers, Chumpie Gets Married
A wartime children's story book illustration which shows Chumpie the trumpeter, of the Chocolate soldiers, marrying Charlotte, the General's daughter, who finally approves of their union

Background imageApproves Collection: Bma Approves Nhs

Bma Approves Nhs
The British Medical Association special representative meeting lasts seven hours, and agrees to co- operate in the new national health service

Background imageApproves Collection: Bramante & St Peter s

Bramante & St Peter s
DONATO LAZZARI BRAMANTE with his plans for St Peters : pope Clemens VII - though it wasn t he who commissioned them - approves them

Background imageApproves Collection: Jesus Source of Power

Jesus Source of Power
All power comes from Jesus, but he passes it on to rulers he approves of, such as the Byzantine emperor Romanus IV Diogenes and his wife Eudoxia

Background imageApproves Collection: Jews Allowed to Go Home

Jews Allowed to Go Home
When Babylon has been taken by Kurash II (Cyrus), king of Persia, he allows the Jews to return to Jerusalem, and approves plans for the citys reconstruction

Background imageApproves Collection: Uses for Umbrella

Uses for Umbrella
and another use for your umbrella... (the dog approves her action enthusiastically)

Background imageApproves Collection: Reinecke Fuchs / Goethe

Reinecke Fuchs / Goethe
Reinecke explains to the hens that heaven approves their fate

Background imageApproves Collection: Jesus Blesses Business

Jesus Blesses Business
The Sons of Business are blest by Jesus who approves the honest tradesman as an agent of social welfare and bestower of blessings on mankind

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