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Ambassadors Gallery

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Hans Holbein the Younger (1497-1543)
Congress of Vienna (1814-1815). Engraving
Medici, Lorenzo the Magnificient (1449-1492). Italian
Advert for Gordons Gin 1929
Reception of King Kofi Karikaris ambassadors in the English camp
Japanese embassy, ambassadors, to the UK 1862
Sketches of Marie Tempest and other brilliant
Interior of the Ambassadors theatre-restaurant
The Grand Viziers audience with ambassadors
Officials in the Public Ministry of Finance, Istanbul
The cast of Hay Fever, described as Noel Cowards Clean Play 'by The Sketch
Joseph Kennedy working at the US embassy, September 1939
British ambassadors returned to England, September 1939
Swimming pool and suntan beach area - Ambassadors Hotel
The interior of the Cocoanut Grove, Los Angeles, 1930s
MBB HFB-320 Hansa Jet D-CESI
Telling the Tale, Ambassadors Theatre, London
The Palace of the Ambassdor to France at Therapia, Istanbul
Hall of Ambassadors
Clothes and the Woman by George Paston
S. M. Jolly, cocktail barman at Ambassadors Club
Betty in Mayfair, by J Hastings Turner
King Davids ambassadors
Japanese Ministers in Paris and Saint Petersburg
The US Ministers or Ambassadors residence, Japan, 1870s
The Alcazar, Seville
Charlemagne, Ambassadors
Diplomacy / Maximilian 1
Exhibitions / France
The Japanese Ambassadors
The Japanese Ambassadors at The International Exhibition
Fashion Show - Eatons British Ambassadors of Fashion
More by Harry Grattan
Airspeed Ambassador G-AMAD BEAC LAP
Count Albert Pouilly Mensdorff
Count Albert Mensdorff-Pouilly, Austro-Hungarian Ambassador
Miss Tennyson Jesse by Madame Yevonde
Ambassadors Arrested
Russian Ambassadors Summer Residence - Buyukdere, Istanbul
London Peace Conference or the Conference of the Ambassadors
Mr & Mrs Charles Sweeny
Sketch by Fish of couple having dinner and champagne
St James Palace
Historical views of China
The English Embassy - Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey
Telling the Tale by Sydney Blow and Douglas Hoare
Louis Xiv / Siamese Visit

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